Gold iPhone 12 Pro Has a Hidden Feature Making It Superior Over Other Colors That Even Apple Doesn't Know

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Apple unknowingly created a hidden feature for its iPhone 12 Pro, particularly on the Gold color version of the recently released smartphone that will see first shippings next week. Apple smartphones have numerous features, even secret or hidden ones, but the company did not expect to create another.

iPhone 12

(Photo : Apple via Screenshot)

The recently released iPhone 12 and its top of the line version, iPhone 12 Pro, have massive features that even entice Apple’s iPhone 11 owners to upgrade and purchase one. The inclusion of a 5G network and the LiDAR Sensor scanners are the star of the iPhone 12’s line-up.

However, there is another feature aside from the long list of technology the iPhone 12 possess. Technology reviewers are even speculative that Apple did not intend for this to be hidden. However, Apple did not put great emphasis on these as much as the other features seen on the iPhone 12.

Apple began its pre-orders for the new smartphones almost two days after its October 15 launch. The pre-selling took the world by a storm, almost immediately being sold-out from Apple Stores and retailers when it first dropped. According to Mac Rumors, Taiwanese Carriers believe that the iPhone 12 may even outsell its elder sibling, the iPhone 6.

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iPhone 12 Pro Gold: What is the Hidden Feature?

iPhone 12

(Photo : Apple via Screenshot)

Apple is offering four color schemes for the iPhone 12 Pro, which includes: Silver, Graphite, Gold, and Pacific Blue. Notably, iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro are the first releases from Apple for this month. Both smartphones are 6.1 inches in screen size, only differing in specifications and features.

The iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max will begin pre-orders on November 6 and ship-out on November 13.

Apple did not expect to make the Gold color finish of the iPhone 12 Pro better than others. The Gold iPhone 12 Pro stands out among other colors because of the “Fingerprint Resistant” finish it has, as seen by initial iPhone reviews.

According to Tech Crunch’s review, iPhone 12 Pro’s gold color uses a high-power, impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) process for its coating. This process allows the phone’s gold color to have a dense pattern that enables the surface to be tough and immensely bright, mimicking the phone’s stainless steel components.

The HiPIMS process of coating helps the color resist the oils that leave behind fingerprints on the iPhone 12 Pro’s body. The Gold color scheme’s unintended feature allows easier cleaning throughout the phone’s body and keeps away fingerprint stains.

iPhone 12 Pro Gold: Does it Cost More, Is it Actually Better?

iPhone 12

(Photo : Apple via Screenshot)

The good news for all iPhone 12 Pro fans is Apple would not charge more for the “Gold version” color finish. Despite being a nifty and hidden feature, this is not something that Apple would charge extra from its customers.

Gold color gives the iPhone 12 Pro a more elegant and stand-out look. This color finish is perfect for those who wish to stand-out and flex their new phone. However, this can only be said for the gold finish as other colors in Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro has less resistance to fingerprint residues.

All iPhone 12 Pro colors have the same price that starts at $999 for the 128gb storage model.

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