Getting A Surface Laptop? Make Sure It Doesn't Break As It's Almost Impossible To Repair

by admin June 17, 2017 at 4:32 am

Be careful with that brand new Surface Laptop, because it is nearly impossible to fix with its one out of 10 repairability score.

A “Glue Filled Monstrosity”

According to iFixit, the Surface Laptop isn’t a laptop at all. Rather, it is a glue filled monstrosity that is nearly impossible to repair. The Surface Laptop marks the first time that iFixit has given a piece of hardware a zero score. Previously, the lowest score was one out of 10.

Throughout the course of the teardown, iIFixit makes it clear that Microsoft never meant for the Surface Laptop to be repairable or upgradable. For starters, there aren’t even any screws to remove. In order to access the device’s guts, one would need to cut away that luxurious Alcantara cover. Good luck getting that back on once it’s been removed. Unfortunately, the inside isn’t any better. Rather than using screws, the inner shield is held in place by spot welds and glue which will probably be as easy to repair as that Alcantara covering.

Perhaps the worst part of this design is the fact that in order to replace the battery, the motherboard must be completely removed from the computer. Replacing a faulty battery is normally so simple that a child could do it. However, in this case, even a professional would risk breaking the computer by attempting to access the battery. In fact, according to iFix it, the only way to access any of the device’s components is by destroying the laptop.

The Surface Laptop might be a great laptop, however, if it ever breaks, then customers will be left with little recourse beyond appealing directly to Microsoft, which might have been the plan all along.

The Surface Book Can’t Be Upgraded

We’ve talked a lot about how Microsoft is becoming more like Apple and, unfortunately, it seems it has decided to emulate one of Apple’s more frustrating qualities. In an incredibly frustrating turn of events, it turns out that the Surface Laptop’s RAM is soldered into place meaning that it can’t be replaced or upgraded.

In Apple’s case, while still incredibly annoying, this move at least make some sort of sense given that their computer’s components aren’t meant to be interchangeable. The Surface Laptop, however, does not have that excuse. One of the biggest advantages of owning a PC over a Mac is that PCs can be easily upgraded. The Surface Book represents a massive step in the wrong direction and we hope Microsoft reverses course with the next iteration of the device.

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