Gear VR games you need to stand to play

by admin November 6, 2016 at 9:46 pm

Some games aren’t meant to be played sitting down.

Gear VR delivers you tons of great games to play in VR. While plenty of them are playable while sitting down, that isn’t the case across the board. We’ve collected a few of the best games that are meant to be played while standing up. You might be able to get away with sitting down to play them, but you won’t get the best experience that way.

Dark Days

Dark Days

When it comes to atmospheric thrilling games, then you have to take a peek at Dark Days. Things are going wrong in a small desert hotel, and you wander right into the middle of it. With a feel that may remind you of X-Files, you’ll have to creep through rooms and deal with a not quite natural presence that’s right around the corner. A lot of the gameplay involves solving puzzles, and your goal is to figure out what’s actually going on.

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Neverout on Gear VR

Escape the room games are always tricky and full of puzzles, but dealing with them in VR is a whole new experience. Neverout proves that with over 60 levels, each of which is determined to make you think about your actions. You’ll have to think your way through from room to room, but it isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. The levels are tricky, and filled with pitfalls with gameplay that may well remind you of Portal 2. Unlike most escape the room games, you have the ability to actually rotate the room making any wall become the floor. Beware though since that also means that spikes on the wall might end up under your feet!

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The Hospital: Allison’s Diary

The Hospital: Allison's Diary

Creepy closed hospitals are basically a cornerstone of the horror genre these days. That’s precisely the setting for The Hospital: Allison’s Diary. You play as an investigative journalist trying to solve the mystery of the hospital by finding a supposed diary left behind by a young patient named Allison. Armed with only a torch, you’ll have to search through the hospital in all of it’s terrifying glory. The horror fans out there should be sure to check out this immersive, and terrifying game.

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Part of the pull of playing games in VR, is the feeling like you’re actually doing what you are seeing on your screen. That’s where JUMP really shines. The goal of the game is to jump from rooftop to rooftop, in order to reach the highest building. There are 5 different cities to jump through. The graphics are fairly simple, but it’s got a pretty awesome soundtrack and it’s a fun game that pulls you in quickly with simple controls.

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These aren’t the only games on Oculus that deliver an extra punch by playing standing up, but they are some of the best examples. Playing while standing really allows you to experience the immersion that VR can offer, and this is especially noticeable in escape the room type games, of which there are many. Do you have a favorite game to play standing up that we missed? Tell us about it in the comments below, or head over to our forums and start a conversation!

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