Garmin announces Approach S40 golf GPS smartwatch: AutoShot integration helps you excel on the course

by admin March 27, 2019 at 5:13 am

Image: Garmin

Garmin is known for GPS products across a number of sectors, including marine, automotive, aviation, athletics, and more. One of its sports and fitness markets is golf and in that area Garmin has smartwatches, laser range finders, handheld golf computers, a swing analyzer, and even golf club trackers to provide you with all of the data and analysis you need to improve your golf game.

Last week Garmin announced the new Garmin Approach S40 and we have one in hand. We’ll be testing it out next weekend at a local course and comparing it to the golf experience with the Fenix 5 Plus I bought last year. The Approach S40 is more focused on golf than the other Garmin products that have golf support as an additional element so it will be interesting to see how much more optimal the experience is on a dedicated GPS golf device.

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The Approach S40 is available now with a suggested retail price of $299.99, and the Approach S40 Bundle is $369.99. The bundle includes the Approach CT10 automatic club tracking system, starter pack with three sensors. I’ve been considering the CT10 system in combination with my current Fenix 5 Plus GPS watch, but the update that supports the CT10 system has not yet been released for this high end GPS watch.