Fuji X-T2 vs Nikon D5 Real World Portrait Test (RAW Files Included)

by admin September 17, 2016 at 9:24 am

In a silly mistake that made us chuckle and shake our heads all at the same time. Earlier today, we were told Leica was using a DSLR photo on their Sofort Instant Camera landing page. In fact, they seemed to be implying the photo was taken with their camera.

Shady drone pilots take note: the eagles are coming for you. Dutch police began training eagles to take down illegal drones at the beginning of 2016. Now, eight months later, it’s time to demonstrate how well these trained eagles do their job.

DxOMark just got done taking the Pentax K-1 through its paces, and their conclusion is simple: this ‘full frame marvel’ boasts one of the best camera sensor they’ve ever tested. In fact, it’s the best sensor in its price range and the third best they’ve ever tested.

Nikon claims its pro-grade D810 DSLR has “superior” and extensive weather sealing that helps keep moisture and dust out, but that doesn’t mean you should treat it as being dust-proof. The camera above shows why. It’s a Nikon D810 that was taken to Burning Man.

The Fuji X-T2 have been showing some amazing preliminary results from people testing it in the real world, but can it stack up against Nikon’s flagship D5? Portrait photographer Taylor Jackson wanted to find out.

There are no unbreakable rules when it comes to how you should compose your photographs. After all, who likes rules except for your old school principal or heads of H.R. departments? There are however, several guidelines you can use to help improve the composition of your photos.

This is long. Sorry. If you want to read something shorter I hear War and Peace is a ripping yarn.

GoPro’s much-anticipated Karma camera drone will finally be unveiled next Monday (9/19), but today we’re getting our first tiny glimpse at what the drone will look like. GoPro just put out its latest Karma teaser, and this one shows the drone itself briefly whizzing by.

Leica today officially announced the Sofort, the company’s very first instant camera. It’s a compact snapshot camera that shoots Fujifilm Instax Mini film.

Adobe has come up with a strange and hilarious new idea for promoting its new Adobe Stock royalty-free image service. The company is turning infamously terrible stock photos into a new limited edition clothing line. It’s called Adobe Stock Apparel.

The rumors, patents, and leaks have finally come true. Canon today announced its new EF 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 IS II USM lens, its first lens with a newly developed LCD information display built right into the lens body.

Pilot and photographer Martijn Kort is able to capture a vantage point on the world that most of us simply don’t get. Every week, he’s up at 38,000 feet, shooting the world below from the cockpit of the commercial airliner he helps fly all over the globe.

The folks at National Geographic just did a solid favor for all the adventurous outdoor photographers out there. They put every US Geological Survey (USGS) topographical map from across the United States on one easy-to-navigate site and made them easy to print out at home.

Fuji might have a mirrorless monster on its hands with the X-T2. In fact, in some preliminary side-by-side comparison shots, Tony and Chelsea Northrup actually find that the X-T2 is producing sharper results than the 50MP Canon 5DS R!

DxOMark just crowned the sensor in the 5D Mark IV the best Canon sensor they have ever tested. Unfortunately, even Canon’s top performer still falls far short of the top sensors from Nikon and Sony.

Canon today announced the EOS M5, a new redesigned mirrorless camera that indicates Canon’s desire to compete better in the mirrorless world.

Welcome Leica!
It is with a smile on our faces that we welcome another player in the instant camera world!

The British Wildlife Photography Awards have announced the winning photographs for the 2016 contest. Photographer George Stoyle took the top prize for the photo above, titled “Hitchhikers,” which shows young fish taking refuge inside the stinging tentacles of a lion’s mane jellyfish.

You don’t need ON1 Effects 10 or Topaz Clarity to get that “Dynamic Contrast” pop in your landscape images. This short tutorial shows you how to create the effect from start to finish using only Photoshop.

Instagram is the most common platform photographers, clients and models use to meet and follow each other. Recently though, accounts are getting shut down and mine, with a following of 135,000, was among them.

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