Forget gray: This service lets you customize your Nintendo Switch

by admin April 4, 2017 at 1:01 am

The red and blue Joy-Con controllers of the Nintendo Switch are a nice splash of color on an otherwise monochromatic system, but those looking to step up the look of Nintendo’s latest machine now have the entire rainbow at their disposal.

Hardware modification company ColorWare is adding the Switch to its list of, well, wares — allowing gamers to create their own custom-colored design for both the console/handheld combo and its dock.

ColorWare takes modifying the Switch past slapping on a different-colored skin or case on top, instead repainting the actual console itself piece-by-piece into something unique.

Seven different components of the Switch can be recolored to your choosing, from the individual Joy-Con controllers to the kickstand, using a palette of 58 different colors.

In addition to chromatic options, users can also choose between solid or metallic paints, as well as a glossy or matte finishes for each.

Currently, ColorWare only customizes its Switches brand-new, meaning you’ll have to pay for the console plus the paint job, which comes out to $249 (about £200, AU$330) plus the cost of the machine — totalling $549 (about £440, AU$720) before shipping and handling.

That said, ColorWare does let customers send in certain game consoles like the Xbox One S and PlayStation 4  Pro used, modifying them for just the cost of the coat of paint. Sadly, this option is currently not being offered for Nintendo Switch owners.

ColorWare also hosts a long list of available countries eligible for shipping, though the company is not responsible for additional fees or tarifs, and warns that its method of repainting electronics part-by-part does void most warranties. 

Still, that might be a price worth paying for those who want their Nintendo Switch to be as bright and colorful as the games they’re playing on it — Splatoon 2, anyone?

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