Forget About Amazon Echo, Google Home Just Got Massive Updates And It's More Powerful Than Ever [Video]

by admin July 17, 2017 at 12:31 pm

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Google Home is turning into a true productivity powerhouse with the latest updates announced at Google I/O. Amazon Echo now has a truly fierce competitor, so here’s all you need to know about the latest Google Home power features. 
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Google announced a number of big updates for its smart speaker at Google I/O, and Google Home is now more powerful than ever.

What was at first a shy, yet promising competitor to Amazon’s Echo line of smart speakers, Google Home has now evolved into a productivity powerhouse ready to take the game into a different league.

Google Home will soon be able to handle calls, and it supports multiple users complete with voice recognition to figure out who’s talking, it deeply integrates Google Assistant for more functionality, it flashes a light for notifications, and it will soon let users set reminders and calendar appointments that sync with other Google/ Android products. Not bad, right? Let’s take a closer look at these updates.

Google Home Calls

Google Home will get native hands-free calling via a software update. The feature will essentially enable Google Home to serve as a speakerphone, allowing users to place calls to landlines and cellphones in the United states and Canada. It’s worth highlighting here that users will be able to make real calls, not only internet calls from one Amazon Echo to another.

Users can make calls from Google Home using either a private number or their mobile phone number, as they prefer. Even better, since Google Home now has multi-user support with voice recognition, it will be able to discern who to call upon getting a command like “Hey Google, call dad.” It will recognize who is speaking, therefore know whose dad to call.

With this calling feature, Google Home could prove to be a valuable asset not just around the house, but also in the office as it could allow multiple people to take part in a call on speakerphone.

“In the coming months, just ask your Assistant and it will connect you to mobile phones or landlines in the U.S. or Canada, free,” says Google. “There’s no setup and no need for a phone or additional app.”