Flipboard redesign encourages curation and sharing content with friends

by admin February 8, 2017 at 10:52 pm

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Flipboard attempts a revival with new features, including the ability to curate your own publication and share it with friends.

If the Flipboard app interface was starting to feel a little dated to you, there’s good news. The company has launched a massive re-design of its news aggregation app, with a particular focus on design.

Flipboard 4.0 is introduced as the response to the company’s “ever-growing ecosystem” of sources, the idea being that if you catch up on all the news and social media happenings through one specific app, that it should be easy to parse. To that end, Flipboard’s new interface prioritizes topics over sources. The new algorithm will continually fine tune what you like to read as long as you interact with it by liking stories or following publications. You can go even deeper by selection those very specific topics you keep up with daily (mine would be alumni actors of out-of-commission TV shows).

Flipboard also introduced a collaborative new Smart Magazines feature, which lets you share a curated publication of sorts. You choose what goes into the Smart Magazine and then you can invite your pals to also read the content — like a shared RSS feed. They can make their own, too.

There’s more information about what the update entails at the official blog post, including a how-to on honing your Flipboard so that you rely on it for daily reading.

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