FIFA 18's The Journey: Hunter Returns Easily Clears the Low Bar Set for Itself

by admin December 25, 2017 at 6:14 am

Last year, we wrote a 2,000-word skewering of FIFA 17’s The Journey – the first ever story-driven addition to EA’s football sim franchise – and called it a half-baked exercise. We concluded by saying it would “need to improve in spades across all aspects, be it factoring in user decisions, developing better interactions, and truly making it feel unique, for it to be worth anyone’s time come FIFA 18”. Going into this year’s continuation of Alex Hunter’s fledgling career – titled The Journey: Hunter Returns – we had little to no hope that EA would deliver on any of that.

Fortunately, FIFA 18 does improve in spades on many of our complaints. The decisions you make have actual consequences, interactions between players, coaches, and family feel real and thoughtfully developed, and those two contribute in making the second season of The Journey worth playing through. You can even customise Hunter’s look, if you enjoy that sort of thing. Of course, there are still a dozen issues here and there, but EA has come far in less than a year.

On top of that, the new Journey now has co-op, which solves another minor complaint. It’s good to see that EA now allows your friends and family to join in on the action, and select a player of their choice. It’s still not seamless, as the second player gets nothing to do during the training sessions, but it’s a good step nonetheless. It inherently makes matches more fun, especially later when you’re asked to develop a partnership with a teammate.