FIFA 17 Review: Does Different Mean Better?

by admin September 23, 2016 at 12:02 pm

Much like the sun rising in the East and Apple unleashing a new iPhone, EA has graced us with yet another entry in the long-running FIFA series. And like every FIFA game before it, FIFA 17 promises to be the best game in the franchise ever. Well, until next year’s edition anyway. But is it really any good or simply more of the same? We find out.

For all of EA’s tom-tomming of a new game engine in FIFA 17 – it uses Frostbite, the same tech powering the likes of Battlefield 1, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, and Need for Speed – at first glance, you’d find it nigh impossible to tell the difference between FIFA 16 and 17. It’s only when you celebrate a hard-won goal or revel in the franchise’s penchant for mimicking television-styled presentation that the improvement can be seen. Even then, it is a lot more subtle than we’ve been given to believe. Player faces have enhanced fidelity but there’s little else. Animations appear smooth but don’t feel as refined as last year’s game either.

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