Facebook Adds Individual Message Reactions, Mentions To Messenger: Here’s How They Work

by admin March 31, 2017 at 12:43 pm

Facebook is introducing two new features to its messaging platform Messenger that will make chats a little less chaotic: individual message reactions in a single thread, and in-thread mentions.

With reactions, users can tap any specific message and respond with a handful of emoji, much like how reactions work in the newsfeed. Mentions, on the other hand lets users specifically call out participants of a thread with a “@” followed by their name.

Reactions, much like in the newsfeed, can be seen by every participant inside a thread. Mentions, Facebook says, lets users jump back into the conversation and respond to the callout directly, without having to scroll through the dense pile-on of messages just to determine whether a user was mentioned or not. Funny enough, there’s always that one friend inside a chat who’s seemingly noncommittal as others prattle on. With mentions, they’d have no escape.

How To Use Messenger Reactions

To start using reactions in Messenger, simply pick an individual message, be it a photo or a text, hold, and then tap the emoji you’d like to respond to the message with. It could either be one of these: love, smile, wow, sad, angry, yes, and no.

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On the lower right corner of individual messages, you can see the reactions of people selected alongside the number of people who reacted. Tapping on the emoji will show which participants of a thread reacted which way.

If Messenger isn’t open, you can still receive notifications when someone reacts to your own message inside a chat. Reactions can be used in either single or group chats, and it may be issued to all types of content, such as photos, texts, GIFs, and even other emoji. It stands as a natural growth of Facebook’s newsfeed reactions, making chats richer and more dynamic.

How To Mention Someone In Messenger

To mention someone inside a chat, begin by typing “@” followed by the name of the participant you’d like to call out. When the message is sent, the callout will appear as highlighted text for others inside a thread to notice it more easily.

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Needless to say that when someone is called out, they’ll receive a special notification indicating so, which, as previously mentioned, makes it easier to respond to specific questions and participate back in a thread, without having to read piles upon piles of messages.

Facebook notes that the two new features it’s adding to Messenger will also be available in its Workplace communications platform. Messenger reactions and mentions are rolling out now, set to be available globally in the coming days.

Rolling much-needed features to Messenger comes at a great time for Facebook, when it’s recently receiving flak for putting Snapchat-like features onto Messenger, called Messenger Day. Focusing instead on cooking up ways in which chats could become more personal and easier to navigate is a wise decision from Facebook.

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