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by admin June 10, 2017 at 4:04 pm

Sit back, relax and chat about stuff because it’s the weekend!

We made it through yet another week, and as a reward we have two days to do what we want instead of what we have to do to keep the lights on. Making the most of those 48 hours of freedom before we do it all over again on Monday is important. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (with an axe and ghosts in his ear).

Summer time in DC

Making the most might mean you work in the yard or on your car, or maybe you just want to head downtown and fool around all day. In any case, you’ll probably find time to sit around and do nothing with a phone or tablet or even a laptop in front of your eyeballs. Here’s a place where you can spend that time talking about whatever. And if you’re working through the weekend and reading this on the clock, high five. 👊

in the world of Android, we got a new phone from Sony, the third Android 8.0 Dev Preview, and news about the OnePlus 5 with its rumored 8GB of RAM this week. Then there was that Apple thing, which, let’s be honest, had some really cool AR stuff.

There’s plenty to talk about if you want to keep things techy, but whatev. This one is for you, just be kind to each other 🙂

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