Epson’s New $3,000 Short-Throw Projector Turns Your Living Room Into A Cinema

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Epson has unveiled its new home Cinema LS100 short-throw projector capable of producing a 120-inch video on the wall. It’s essentially a cinema inside the living room — but not quite. 
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Epson’s new projector essentially asks, “Why go to the cinema?” There are plenty of reasons to still make the trip to the cinema, of course, but the Home Cinema LS100 makes a great case against it.

The LS100 is a new short-throw laser projector that produces a 120-inch display, be it on a dedicated projector screen or a living room wall. Because it’s using short-throw technology, it doesn’t need to be mounted a few feet away from the projected surface or hung from the ceiling — it only needs to be placed inches away from the surface.

Also, since it’s using laser projection technology, the LS100 will last for up to 20,000 hours, which is roughly 10 years when used for four hours a day, as TechRadar notes. Also, those who plan to use a dedicated projection screen will get a good quality display as that of an LCD — even in daylight. Epson says it’s bright enough to watch with the “lights on and the shades open.”

“With the Home Cinema LS100, families don’t have to worry about the limitations of traditional home projection systems, such as shadows when walking in front of the projected image,” said Epson.

The Epson Home Cinema LS100 Has One Big Flaw

Across the board, there are only good things to say about the LS100 — it’s got 4,000 lumens of brightness for optimum daytime viewing; a 2,500,000:1 contrast ratio for deeper blacks; and Epson’s 3LCD technology to make sure there’s no annoying rainbow effect.

With all its bells and whistles, the LS100 has one unfortunate flaw. In a world where 4K is reigning supreme, it’s still capped to 1080p, which might be a deal breaker for many. Sony’s short-throw projector, by contrast, is capable of displaying 4K resolution — but that costs a whopping $25,000. The LS100 practically costs a fraction of that, retailing for a mere $3,000.

Those who are fine with 1080p, however, will find no qualms with the new projector at all. It may just be the perfect home cinema projector one can buy. Get ready to binge tons of Netflix shows with this baby, but no 4K, sorry.

Epson Home Cinema LS100 Release Date

The Home Cinema LS100 launches this fall.

Thoughts? Do you think you’d spend $3,000 on a laser projector? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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