Ep. 126: Politics, Religion, and Other Controversial Topics in Photography & more!

by admin November 21, 2016 at 12:30 am

Here are a few reasons why having a story to tell is far better than not.

GoPro announced a total recall of its new Karma drone yesterday, saying that the drone may lose power mid-flight and fall out of the sky. That’s exactly what owner Nicholas Kulick captured a few days ago in the 1-minute video above: his drone lost power and nearly fell on someone’s head.

I have already seen a few posts about the new addition to the Nikon prime lineup, the Nikon 105mm f/1.4, but don’t worry, this isn’t just another review with lots of graphs and pictures of brick walls. Just a few thoughts on my first impressions on the new Nikon 105mm f/1.4 from a working event photographer in London.

When someone says you need to “think outside the box” when it comes to marketing your skills and getting work as a photographer, Toronto-based photographer Aric Guité’s #CollabWithAric campaign is exactly what they’re talking about.

First of all I just want to say this: Peak Design got the name of the Everyday Sling wrong. This bag isn’t the Everyday Sling, it’s the Everything Sling because this bag literally does everything I would ever possibly need to go when I’m going out.

It’s here! A couple of weeks after teasing us with the release, TIME has unveiled their online portal where you can count down and learn all about the Top 100 most influential images of all time—pure photo geek nirvana.

In addition to being one of the world’s best-selling living musicians, Elton John is also a passionate collector of modernism photography. The 4.5-minute video above is a tour of John’s impressive home gallery.

It’s been a pretty dismal autumn in Vancouver. The sun makes guest appearances, but the rain has the stage for the most part. Business as usual, if you’ve ever been here.

A week and a bit ago I was in Falmouth, on stage, in front of maybe a bit less than 100 or so students. It was Tuesday, around 2pm. I felt oddly calm and eager. They looked expectedly unenthusiastic.

This video by RT, titled “Space 360,” is the first-ever interactive 360-degree video shot on the International Space Station. It’s also of special interest for photography enthusiasts: it shows the inside of the service module, where the astronauts’ Nikon DSLR cameras and lenses are stored on the walls.

Starting about 40 years ago, photographer Chris Porsz began shooting street portraits of strangers he met in his hometown of Peterborough in England. For the past few years, Porsz has been tracking down those subjects and asking them to pose for recreations of those decades-old photos. The ambitious project is titled Reunions.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the minutia of photography. Sure, megapixels, microcontrast, MTF charts, and the like are all important, but only after you understand how to work with the most important piece of the photographic puzzle: light.

Photographer Christoffer Relander collects landscapes… literally. Using medium format film, he’s capturing some of his favorite landscapes inside mason jars using in-camera double exposures.

My name is Nick Fancher and I’m a portrait and commercial photographer who specializes in lighting, specifically with the use of small flash in unconventional locations.

Last year, journalist Esther Honig published a viral series of images showing how photo retouchers in 27 countries around the world “enhanced” a portrait of her according to their cultural preferences. Inspired by that project, the UK medical website Superdrug Online Doctor just published a similar experiment that explores body image.

It turns out Canon’s 200-400mm f/4L with the 1.4x extender built-in wasn’t just a gimmick or a one-off. The Japanese camera giant has patented another, similar lens, that will give users three focal lengths in one.

There’s not much to this video that isn’t covered in the headline: a guy attached a GoPro Hero Session to the end of an arrow, shot it at a variety of things and people, and then stabilized the output into some really cool footage.

Blockai, the company that burst onto the scene a few months ago by offering a totally novel way to protect your photo copyrights, is expanding onto Instagram. Now, all it takes to claim copyrights on your Instagram photos is a hashtag.

GearEye is a new smart gear management system that can help photographers keep an “eye” on the gear in their camera bags. It uses RFID tags to track each of your precious items, alerting you if anything is absent from the roll call.

I feel that there’s a word missing from our vocabulary, and this essay is the culmination of an effort to find such a word, to define it usefully, and to work through some of what it might mean.

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