Dartz’s $1.3M RussoBaltique vodka stolen from Copenhagen bar

by admin January 3, 2018 at 6:11 pm

Latvia’s Dartz is most widely recognized for its over-the-top SUVs, but the company also offers high-end vodka marketed under the historic Russo-Baltique brand. And the most exclusive is a bottle of vodka that costs $1.3 million, primarily due to the 6.6 pounds of gold and silver that goes into making its bottle.

Fans of the Netflix series “House of Cards” may recognize the bottle from the season three episode where Russian President Victor Petrov gifted the bottle to President Frank Underwood at a state dinner. Sadly, the precious vodka, of which only one bottle exists, has now been stolen.

It was on loan to Café 33, a bar and unofficial vodka museum located in Copenhagen, Denmark, when it was stolen in the early hours of Tuesday. There is a video of the theft on TV2 Lorry. Café 33 owner Brian Ingberg told the Danish news website that he had the bottle in his collection for six months.

“I had loaned [the bottle] from Russia from something called the Dartz factory, which makes the world’s most expensive cars and vodka,” Ingberg said. “Of the 1,200 bottles I have, this was a very special bottle to have there.”

Security footage captured two masked men gaining access to the bar with a key that was likely a copy. The bar’s owner is currently working with Copenhagen Police to find the intruders.

Naturally, Dartz boss Leonard F. Yankelovich is saddened by the news since his company is the actual owner of the vodka. He stated that the “new year started not so good.”

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