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by admin 2 years ago

Scientists adapt mouse brain to create enraged killers

Researchers tinkering with the brains of mice because they can’t find anything interesting on Netflix have found a bizarre form of organic switch, one that uses laser light and chemicals to trigger neurons and activities in the...

by admin 2 years ago

Crunch Report | Lily Robotics Shuts Down

Lily Robotics shuts down, Techdirt is in a legal battle fighting for its life, Apple is poised to create original content, Starship Technologies gets a new $17.2 million round and Twitter to live stream Trump inauguration. All this on Crunch...

by admin 2 years ago

Google's plan to deliver the internet via drones is dead

Now that companies such as Google and Facebook have saturated the developed world with their services, the race is on to reach the world’s developing economies.  In particular, Google has a couple of initiatives to bring the internet...