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by admin 13 hours ago

Apple's AR glasses may see the light of the day in 2021

Apple has been consistently looking for cutting edge AR (Augmented Reality) technology for its camera and also for totally new products that it wants to introduce in the market. And as per reports, Apple may unveil its AR Glasses sometime...

by admin 1 day ago

TechLife's February 2021 issue is out now!

The latest issue of TechLife is on sale now, and it’s your chance to learn all about drones! From how to get started, tips on what you can do with a drone, and even how to build one, this is a great way to get started with a thrilling...

by admin 1 day ago

The best back-to-school gear for Aussie kids

It’s the same old story every January – the new year ushers in a time loathed by both kids and parents alike, thanks to a new academic year rearing its intimidating head. Kids are reminded to put away their Christmas presents so they...