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by admin 3 years ago

​IBM talks about progress on Watson, OpenPower

Five years ago IBM Watson came to the attention of the world thanks to Jeopardy. The real achievement of Watson, however, wasn’t its victory over Ken Jennings, said Rob High Jr., an IBM Fellow and head of the Watson Group, during...

by admin 3 years ago

​Nvidia goes all in on AI

The idea of using GPUs for more than just fun and games is nothing new. It started with niche high-performance computing applications such as seismic data processing for oil and gas, fluid dynamics simulations and options pricing. But...

by admin 3 years ago

Chipmakers turn to the next little thing

As it does every year, the recent Mobile World Congress included some big phone announcements. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 both look like strong updates, and they are among a long list of new phones that will be using brawny processors...