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by admin 2 years ago

The 5 best waterproof compact cameras in 2017

If you’re off on holiday, the chances are you’re going to get close to some water, whether it’s a hotel pool or the deep blue sea. It’s also likely you’ll want to capture some snaps of your aquatic adventures...

by admin 2 years ago

How to Shoot Street Photography with a 28mm Lens

As of early 2017, my only camera is the Ricoh GR II, which has a fixed-focal 28mm lens. I wanted to share my personal experiences shooting with a 28mm lens, after shooting with a 35mm lens for almost 6 years. I still recommend 35mm for...

by admin 2 years ago

Drone vs phone: the ultimate selfie challenge

The selfie as come a long way in a relatively short space of time. At the dawn of the millennium most mobile phones didn’t even have cameras, which meant your options were limited if you wanted to surreptitiously snap your mug against...