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by admin 2 years ago

Rigid vs Collapsible: Comparing Two Types of Beauty Dishes

The Beauty Dish is revered by many photographers for having a soft, but contrasty quality of light. The classic design puts the flash tube behind an opaque or translucent tube cover, which helps eliminate a central hot spot. Like umbrellas,...

by admin 2 years ago

This could be our first glimpse of the GoPro drone

Trying to keep brand new products under wraps would be a lot easier if it wasn’t for those pesky local webmasters clicking publish at the wrong times – and it seems that the Italian GoPro website might have given us a premature...

by admin 2 years ago

Make Your Own DIY Floating Camera Wall Mount for 2 Bucks

Ever since embarking on a cross-country move last August I’ve been meaning to display some of my cameras and, at last, spurred by a recent PetaPixel post, I finally did. While I was inspired by the HANGIE cameras mounts, their $21...