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by admin 3 years ago

How to install multiple SIM cards into an iPhone 6s

While most people manage quite well with a single SIM card, if you want better demarcation between your work and home life, or you want to make roaming with multiple SIM cards easier, then having the extra SIM already in your smartphone...

by admin 3 years ago

Don't panic about iPhone sales – yet

Reports claim that Apple is making significant cuts to iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus production, equivalent to around 30 percent. But what does this mean in real terms? The best way to try to see what the future has to offer is to look...

by admin 3 years ago

Is your iPhone or iPad cable frayed? Replace it!

Just before the New Year, Fox News reported that an iPhone 6 Plus allegedly caught fire while it was charging. Now this isn’t the first such report that I’ve come across, but when I looked at the images something struck me...