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by admin 3 years ago

Notarize documents remotely with new iPhone app

Legal documents of all types need to be notarized which has always meant a visit to a licensed notary. The notary verifies your identity in person and then witnesses your signing of the document(s) in front of him or her. It’s not...

by admin 3 years ago

iPhone 'Error 53': What we know

What is ‘Error 53’? This is an error message thrown up by iTunes when someone attempts to carry out an iOS upgrade on an iPhone 6/6 Plus/6s/6s Plus (the iPhone 5s is not affected). It affects handsets that have had the Touch...

by admin 3 years ago

How to activate your iPhone's hidden Field Test Mode

If you’re measuring your cellphone signal by eyeballing the little dots in the top-left hand of your iPhone’s display, then you’re really missing out on a cool feature by not using the built-in Field Test Mode feature. You...