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by admin 2 weeks ago

This cable could stop you damaging your iPhone or iPad

Hardware 2.0 readers seem to love the 20-pin USB-C magnetic breakaway connectors. But what about iPhone and iPad users? Are they left out? No. There is a solution out there that brings a breakaway connector to the iPhone and iPads. Australian...

by admin 2 weeks ago

Will COVID-19 coronavirus delay the 2020 iPhone?

I’m already expecting Apple to pull the plug on WWDC 2020. It would be dumb to bring 6,000 from all around the globe to California to rub shoulders with Apple’s top brass and indispensable engineers. Even if COVID-19 goes the...

by admin 3 weeks ago

Coronavirus might make new iPhones hard to find

The coronavirus could make remote work the norm, what businesses need to know The coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak could be the catalyst for a dramatic increase in telecommuting. Enterprises should prepare for an increase...