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by admin 4 days ago

How to make your iPhone battery last all day

How to extend the battery life on your iPhone It’s two o’clock in the afternoon, and your iPhone’s battery is already heading towards the red zone. What do you do? If you use your iPhone as...

by admin 6 days ago

Smartphone cases aren't just for poor people

Smartphone sales decline by 2.7 percent in Q12019 Google may push Huawei out of favor with consumers and slow down the vendor’s global sales. Smartphones are expensive, they are an integral part of our...

by admin 1 week ago

iOS 13 and iPadOS: Will your iPhone or iPad run it?

WWDC 2019: Finally, Apple frees the iPad and Watch from iPhone’s shadow Can the iPad now become a serious business tool? Are the iPad and Mac platforms headed toward unification? Will developers take the time...