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by admin 6 days ago

How to make your iPhone battery last longer

For the past year I’ve been carrying out an experiment. I’ve been charging my iPhone in what I believe to be the most optimal way to maximize battery life. I’m a heavy iPhone user. The thing barely leaves my side, and...

by admin 2 weeks ago

iOS 14 pro tip: One setting change for better photos

Having a new kitten about means that I’m taking a lot more photos. But trying to get a good photo of something that continually moves and squirms (even when sleeping) is tricky. And it was made all the harder because Apple hid a...

by admin 2 weeks ago

iOS 14 pro tip: How to hide whole pages of apps

If you’re anything like me, you have apps that you rarely, if ever, use. You know, those apps you bought because someone said they were cool, but they weren’t. or maybe those games you’re planning to finish “when...