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by admin 4 weeks ago

iOS or Android: Here are the five apps I install first

I do a lot of setting up and resetting of iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, and the other day I noticed that it’s the same five apps I install on both iOS and Android, and in the same order. Spooky, eh? So, what are the apps?...

by admin 2 months ago

Fleeceware apps discovered on the iOS App Store

More than 3.5 million iOS users have installed “fleeceware” apps on their devices, UK security firm Sophos warned in a report published earlier this week. The term fleeceware is a new addition to the cyber-security jargon...

by admin 2 months ago

Hidden features: Apple's discoverability problem

For a company generally lauded for its user interfaces, Apple has a big hole in its UI design: discoverability. The word refers to the ease – or lack – of users finding a feature.  How do we know it is a problem? Pick any...