Canon offers a glimpse into the future of sensor technology

by admin April 3, 2018 at 12:08 pm

Back in January Canon announced three specialized sensors at CES 2018. Along with a 5MP Global Shutter sensor, it also revealed a 120MP APS-H CMOS sensor and a 19μm (pixel pitch) Full HD sensor (by comparison Canon’s full-frame EOS 5D Mark IV has a 5.36μm sensor).

Canon has now revealed footage showing what the latter two chips are capable of, and while you’re not likely to see them in your next Canon DSLR, they showcase cutting-edge tech that will no doubt eventually trickle down to the consumer sensors Canon manufactures.

35MMFHDXS sensor

This full-frame sensor might only have a resolution of 2.2MP, but what it loses in the number of pixels it more than makes up for in pixel size at 19μm, allowing each pixel to capture much more light than current sensors.

The larger pixel size means the sensor should deliver outstanding high-sensitivity, low-noise imaging performance, and be capable of achieving great results even in very low lighting.  

This is thanks to the readout circuitry employing new technologies, while the sensor is also able to shoot at a very impressive 100fps in Full HD. Check out the video below to see the sample footage captured.