Can Nintendo Switch be a force for fitness – or are we all too lazy?

by admin September 15, 2019 at 2:45 pm

Oh Nintendo, we appreciate you trying. The House of Mario has seen fit to unveil a brand new hardware accessory and video game for the Nintendo Switch, Ring Fit Adventure, continuing a long line of fitness-related games for Nintendo’s home consoles.

Much like the bestselling Wii Sports or Wii Fit games on previous console generations, Ring Fit Adventure uses motion controls and dedicated hardware to simulate something like exercise – though whether the experience really equates to a workout is arguable. Don’t we all find ways of playing with as little effort as possible, even when the game is intended as a workout?

The Switch fitness game utilizes a ring-shaped controller that attaches to one of the Joy-Cons, meaning the gyroscope is able to tell in what direction you’re moving or shaking the ring. Made of a pliable plastic, you can bend and stretch the ring too, making it more flexible than the average Mario Kart steering wheel. There’s also a strap you tie to your leg, which houses the other Joy-Con and can tell whether or not you’re squatting, running, or otherwise while platforming or fighting monsters in the game.

In the trailer released this week, the Ring Fit Adventure shows off a number of family members cheering each other on as they reach the climax of their workout – some even breaking a sweat! But there’s a disjunct between the slick image of happy exercising families (do families do this together?) and the way gamers play in real life.