Cambridge Analytica’s Nix said it licensed ‘millions of data points’ from Acxiom, Experian, Infogroup to target US voters

by admin June 7, 2018 at 5:17 pm
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The third time is a charm, Tel Aviv. After holding a Meetup + Pitch-off the last two years in Israel, TechCrunch is returning on 7 June 2018 for a day-long conference. As much fun as networking on a roof facing the Mediterranean Sea is, weu2019re ready to dig deeper into the tech that is coming […]n”,”protected”:false,”featured_media”:1599531,”parent”:0,”menu_order”:0,”template”:””,”tc_event”:[576602923],”rapidData”:”pt”:””,”pct”:””,”agenda”:[“date”:”7 June”,”sessions”:[“start”:”9:30 am”,”end”:”9:35 am”,”description”:””,”title”:”Opening Remarks: Jordan Crook, TechCrunch Senior Editor”,”start”:”9:35 am”,”end”:”9:55 am”,”description”:””,”title”:”Fireside Chat with Raj Kapoor (Lyft)”,”start”:”9:55 am”,”end”:”10:15 am”,”description”:””,”title”:”Are Commercial Drones Here to Stay? – In Conversation with Yariv Bash (Flytrex)”,”start”:”10:15 am”,”end”:”10:40 am”,”description”:””,”title”:”The Caru2019s Eyes and Ears – In Conversation with Omer David Kailaf (Innoviz Technologies), Orit Nissan Messing (Iguazio) and Rani Wellingstein (Oryx Vision)”,”start”:”10:40 am”,”end”:”11:05 am”,”description”:””,”title”:”Investing in Israel – In Conversation with Mike Granoff (Maniv Mobility), Yifat Oron (LeumiTech), Chemi Peres (Pitango Venture Capital) and Yahal Zilka (Magma Venture Partners)”,”start”:”11:00 am”,”end”:”12:00 pm”,”description”:”Located in the Workshop Room – In this session a panel of Israeli founders who participated in ICON’s 2 week boot camp program in Silicon Valley, SV101, will share lessons learned and insights they gathered during the program.”,”title”:”Sponsored Workshop – Insights from Silicon Valley”,”start”:”11:05 am”,”end”:”11:30 am”,”description”:””,”title”:”The Future of Transportation – In Conversation with Uri Levine (Serial Entrepreneur) and Dave Waiser (Gett)”,”start”:”11:30 am”,”end”:”11:50 am”,”description”:””,”title”:”Innovation Break with the European Innovation Council”,”start”:”11:50 am”,”end”:”12:45 pm”,”description”:””,”title”:”Lunch”,”start”:”12:45 pm”,”end”:”1:05 pm”,”description”:””,”title”:”Fireside Chat with Ofer Ben Noon (Argus Cybersecurity)”,”start”:”1:00 pm”,”end”:”2:00 pm”,”description”:”Located in the Workshop Room – With 2018 being a landmark year in chatbot usage, what are the essential qualities of an intelligent, effective chatbot? The SnatchBot team at TechCrunch Tel Aviv will lead a discussion of all things chatbot as well as demonstrate live the most valuable features of their award-winning platform.”,”title”:”Sponsored Workshop – How to Build Smart, Effective Chatbots with SnatchBot”,”start”:”1:05 pm”,”end”:”1:25 pm”,”description”:””,”title”:”Is Regulation Coming? In Conversation with Anat Lea Bonshtien (Smart Mobility Initiative, Office of the Prime Minister) and Erel Margalit (JVP)”,”start”:”1:25 pm”,”end”:”1:45 pm”,”description”:””,”title”:”Fireside Chat with Yossi Matias (Google)”,”start”:”1:45 pm”,”end”:”2:10 pm”,”description”:””,”title”:”Will Mobility as a Service Unlock Autonomous Cars? – In Conversation with Liad Itzhack (HERE Technologies) and Oren Shovel (Via)”,”start”:”2:10 pm”,”end”:”2:35 pm”,”description”:””,”title”:”What Are the Next Cybersecurity Threats? – In Conversation with Yoav Levy (Upstream Security) and Tal Ben David (Karamba Security)”,”start”:”2:30 pm”,”end”:”4:30 pm”,”description”:”Located in the Exhibit Hall – HERE Mobility invites you to see their mobility hackathon finalist projects and find out who will be the grand prize winner and win a trip to TechCrunch SF Disrupt 2018 to exhibit in the Hackathon demo area.”,”title”:”Sponsored Workshop – HERE Mobility Hackathon”,”start”:”2:35 pm”,”end”:”3:00 pm”,”description”:””,”title”:”Arab-Israeli and Palestinian Innovation – In Conversation with Ryan Sturgill (Gaza Sky Geeks) and Fadi Swiden (Hybrid)”,”start”:”3:00 pm”,”end”:”3:20 pm”,”description”:””,”title”:”Break”,”start”:”3:20 pm”,”end”:”3:45 pm”,”description”:””,”title”:”Can We Trust Autonomous Vehicles to Keep us Safe? – In Conversation with Danny Atsmon (Cognata) and Eran Shir (Nexar) and Hilla Tavor (Mobileye)”,”start”:”3:45 pm”,”end”:”4:05 pm”,”description”:””,”title”:”Fireside Chat with Joerg Lamparter (Daimler)”,”start”:”4:05 pm”,”end”:”4:25 pm”,”description”:””,”title”:”Fireside Chat with Austin Russell (Luminar)”,”start”:”4:25 pm”,”end”:”4:50 pm”,”description”:””,”title”:”Scaling Up and Moving Abroad – In Conversation Fiona Darmon(JVP), Shuly Galili (Upwest Labs), Merav Oren (WMN) and Natalie Refuah (Viola Growth)”,”start”:”4:50 pm”,”end”:”5:20 pm”,”description”:””,”title”:”Autonomous Cars – In Conversation with Ariella Grinberg (General Motors), Jamil Mazzawi (Optima Design Automation) and Ben Volkow (Otonomo)”,”start”:”5:20 pm”,”end”:”5:40 pm”,”description”:””,”title”:”Changing the Ratio: Let’s Talk About Equality in Deep Tech – In Conversation with Inbal Lavi (Webpals Group), other speakers to be announced”,”start”:”5:40 pm”,”end”:”6:00 pm”,”description”:””,”title”:”The Seed Scene – In Conversation with Mor Assia (iAngels) and Shelly Hod Moyal (iAngels)”,”start”:”6:00 pm”,”end”:”6:25 pm”,”description”:””,”title”:”Will Flying Cars Get Off the Ground? – In Conversation with Omer Bar-Yohay (Eviation Aircraft) and Rafi Yoelli (Urban Aeronautics)”,”start”:”6:30 pm”,”end”:”8:00 pm”,”description”:””,”title”:”Closing Reception – Sponsored by United”]],”bannerImageURL”:””,”bannerTextStyle”:”light”,”description”:””,”blocks”:[],”blockMetadata”:”agenda”:”title”:”Main Stage Agenda”,”speakers”:”title”:”Speakers”,”sponsors”:”title”:”Sponsors”,”newsletter”:”title”:”Stay Up To Date”,”content”:”Sign Up For TechCrunch Tel Aviv Information!”,”video”:”title”:””,”blockNavigation”:null,”playlists”:”livestream”:””,”coverage”:””,”eventStatus”:”current”,”marketingOffers”:”countdown”:”display”:true,”text”:”until the event begins”,”expiry”:1528329600,”ctaBlock”:”display”:true,”title”:”General Admission Tickets”,”content”:”TC Tel Aviv is in a few short days – get your ticket now”,”price”:”u20aa349.00″,”marketoID”:”1544″,”navigation”:”blocks”:[],”pages”:[“id”:1599520,”state”:[“pre”,”current”,”archive”],”title”:”Sponsors”,”link”:””,”id”:1617076,”state”:[“pre”,”current”,”archive”],”title”:”Attendee List”,”link”:””,”id”:1623103,”state”:[“pre”,”current”,”archive”],”title”:”Startup Alley”,”link”:””,”id”:1646014,”state”:[“pre”,”current”,”archive”],”title”:”Tel Aviv Innovation Week”,”link”:””],”speakers”:[“bio”:”

Mor Assia, Founding Partner of iAngels, is an Israeli high tech insider with over 15 years experience assisting global corporations define new corporate strategies, M&A activities and technological pivots, before going on to co-found iAngels. She heads up the iAngels investments team, frequently writes for publications and has recently launched the ‘Blockchain Breakfast Club’ where she interviews top pioneers of the blockchain space, every month in different locations across Tel Aviv.nn

Mor holds an MBA from Columbia University and is a Mathematics and Computer Science Graduate from the Technion.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”iAngels”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Mor Assia”,”position”:”Founding Partner”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”twitter”:””,”linkedin”:””,”bio”:”

Danny Atsmon, an expert in ADAS and deep learning, is the CEO at Cognata Ltd., andynamic young technology company that brings the disruptive power of artificialnintelligence, deep learning, and computer vision to simulated testing for autonomous cars.nHe has been in the business of launching high-tech products for more than 20 years.nBefore joining Cognata, Danny served as Harmanu2019s (NYSE:HAR now Samsung) Directornof ADAS and Senior director of Machine learning. He has co-founded two startupncompanies, Picitup, a computer visual shopping suite, and iOnRoad, which uses a phoneu2019snnative camera and sensors to detect vehicles in front of a car (later acquired by HarmannInternational).nn

Danny holds several United States utility patents and has created a pipeline of dozens ofnpatent-pending applications. He has also won many top industry awards, including Designnand Engineering Showcase Award (2012) for innovation in design, CTIA award (2012)nfor Best Mobile Application for Automotive, Safe Driving & Transportation, MicrosoftnThink Next (2012), and the QPrize (2013), which is awarded after Qualcomm Ventureu2019snseed investment competition.nn

Danny is a graduate of the prestigious Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Haman Talpiotnprogram, where he served in the elite Unit 8200, and holds a B.Sc. degree in Physics fromnTel-Aviv University.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”Cognata”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Dan Atsmon”,”position”:”Founder & CEO”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”twitter”:””,”linkedin”:”″,”bio”:”

Omer Bar-Yohay, CEO of Eviation Aircraft, brings over 15 years of experience leading multidisciplinary teams, in adverse conditions, to perform unique operational and technological tasks as a government employee. He is a member of NASAu2019s On-Demand Mobility Working Group, as well as the e-Aviation Committees of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA).”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”Eviation Aircraft”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Omer Bar-Yohay”,”position”:”CEO, Co-Founder”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”linkedin”:”″,”bio”:”

Yariv Bash is the CEO and Co-founder of Flytrex, which develops drone delivery solutions for the commercial market and was the first in the world to deploy a fully operational, regulatory approved drone delivery service. Prior to Flytrex, Yariv founded and served as the CEO of SpaceIL – the Israeli team at the Google Lunar X-Prize competition, with a mission to land an unmanned spaceship on the moon. Under Yarivu2019s management, the non-profit SpaceIL has raised more than $30 million.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”Flytrex”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Yariv Bash”,”position”:”Co-founder & CEO”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”linkedin”:””,”bio”:”

Tal is experienced in developing new, innovative products into viable, market-changing products. He was a Senior Research and Development Manager at Check Point Software Technologies (NASDAQ:CHKP), where he oversaw the development of endpoint and mobile security technology. Prior, he gained extensive cybersecurity experience overseeing the development of Check Pointu2019s big data analytics and event correlation products. Before entering the private sector, Tal served as a computer science officer in an elite technological unit with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).nn

Tal has a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Statistics from Bar-Ilan University. He is married to Osnat and a father of two children.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”Karamba Security”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Tal Ben David”,”position”:”VP R&D & Co-Founder”,”links”:false,”bio”:”

Ofer Ben-Noon is a co-founder and CEO of Argus. Ofer is a passionate entrepreneur with vast cyber security experience who previously served as Captain in the Israeli IDF intelligence unit 8200. Ofer has previously co-founded CampusVille and took part in two Israel Defense Prize winning projects.nn

Ofer holds a B.A. with honors in Computer Science from IDC, including Management and Entrepreneurship studies at Wharton, UPenn. Ofer is also a graduate of the prestigious u201cZellu201d entrepreneurship program.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”Argus Cyber Security”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Ofer Ben Noon”,”position”:”Co-Founder, CEO”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”linkedin”:””,”bio”:”

Mr. Abe T. Chen is a recognized security leader in end-to-end digital and physical investigations, advanced layered security architectures, compliance/risk mitigation methodologies, and product security. He has made a career of successfully bringing leading-edge security techniques to the enterprise across the software, technology, automotive, finance, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, and education sectors.nn

At BYTON, Abe has built a team of experts in cloud and vehicle connecticity focused on security and data privacy by design. By integrating connectivity, cloud, and security into one team, BYTON has developed a security-focused architecture for the next generation mobility platform.nn

Abe comes to BYTON from Tesla and Apple, where he was a leader responsible for global product security programs. In his spare time, he teaches security at the University of California, Santa Cruz.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”BYTON”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Abe Chen”,”position”:”Senior Director of Connectivity, Cloud, and Security”,”links”:false,”bio”:”

Fiona is an integral part of the leadership team at JVP, overseeing the firms ongoing operations including defining the groupsu2019 strategy as well as leading the raising of numerous funds that have allowed JVP to continue building world class technology companies. Fiona has over fifteen years of experience in venture capital, strategic planning, capital raising and investments in public and private companies, having previously held a variety of executive roles with leading Israeli investment conglomerate, Koor Industries, as well as serving as a founding member of the first Israeli corporate VC u2013 Koor CVC. Fiona started her career as a financial analyst with Claridge Israel LLC, the investment arm of the Bronfman family of Canada. Fiona was an Officer in one of the renowned units of the Israeli IDF, and holds a BA in Finance and IT and an Executive MBA from the Kellogg School of Managementu2019s international program in collaboration with Tel Aviv University.”,”cbAvatar”:”″,”company”:”Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP)”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Fiona Darmon”,”position”:”General Partner & COO”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”twitter”:””,”linkedin”:””,”bio”:”

Shuly Galili is the Co-Founding Partner at UpWest Labs, a Silicon Valley based seed fund investing in Israeli tech entrepreneurs and startups. Founded in 2012, UpWest has a growing portfolio of more than 70 startups in diverse tech domains. Among them: Endpoint security leader SentinelOne, autonomous drone-maker Airobotics, and business management platform Honeybook.nn

Prior to founding UpWest, Shuly worked at various cross-border organizations and funds investing in social and business ventures. She spent more than a decade on building Silicon Valleyu2019s gateway to Israel as the Executive Director of the California Israel Chamber of Commerce (CICC). Shuly built the organizationu2019s infrastructure across all tech domains and fostered high impact initiatives for Venture Capital, corporate executives and entrepreneurs between the two regions.nn

In 2015 she was named among 100 Most Influential People in Israeli Hi-tech by Israelu2019s leading tech magazine Geektime. She serves on the Advisory Board of The C100 – A Canadian Entrepreneurs Network.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”UpWest Labs”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Shuly Galili”,”position”:”Founding Partner”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”twitter”:””,”linkedin”:”″,”bio”:”

Michael Granoff is founder and Managing Director of Maniv Mobility, a venture capital fund based in Tel Aviv which invests exclusively in the new mobility future. Founded in 2015, Maniv has a portfolio of over 20 mobility startups, the majority of which are based in Israel. Amongst them are companies developing sensors, software, simulation, localization, data monetization, autonomous systems, over-the-air updates, automotive cyber-security and more. Aside from several startup boards, Mr. Granoff serves on the board of Securing Americau2019s Future Energy (SAFE), a Washington, DC-based policy and advocacy organization he helped establish in 2004. Past board roles included that of electric car network developer Better Place. He has been involved in three US Presidential campaigns and in 2010 received Brandeis Universityu2019s Asper Award for Global Entrepreneurship.nn

Mr. Granoff holds a B.A. from Tufts University, an MBA and JD from Kellogg, Northwestern University, is a veteran marathon runner and father of four.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”Maniv Mobility”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Michael Granoff”,”position”:”Founder and President”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”twitter”:””,”linkedin”:””,”bio”:”

Ariella is the Innovation Manager at General Motors Advanced Technical Center Israel (ATCI) where she leads open innovation activities that include: scouting, diligence and partnerships with innovators and researchers from the Israeli innovation ecosystem into General Motors via collaborations and corporate investments. Prior to joining GM, Ariella was an associate with ICV, a cleantech focused venture capital fund . Ariella voluntarily co-organized CleanIsrael, the largest cleantech professional network in Israel.nn

Before ICV, Ariella was with Yuval Levy & Co.(now Tadmor Levy), advising clients from industry, private and public sectors on environmental regulation and policy.nn

During her military service with an elite intelligence unit of the IDF, Ariella was an analyst and a project manager of a pivotal data analysis software system. Ariella holds an LL.M degree from Georgetown University (Wolf Fellowship) , an MSc in Environmental Change and Management from Oxford University (Chevening scholar) and an LL.B in a combined program of Law and Environmental Studies from the Hebrew University.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”General Motors”,”featured”:1,”name”:”Ariella Grinberg”,”position”:”Innovation Manager, Israel Advanced Technical Center”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”linkedin”:”″,”bio”:”

Shelly Hod Moyal is the Founding Partner of iAngels, a VC and co-investment platform that offers investors a gateway into Israelu2019s early stage startup sector. Before becoming a startup founder herself, Shelly spent many years working in finance, trading and investment advisory roles at UBS, Avenue Capital and Goldman Sachs Investment Bank. Shelly applies her wealth of experience evaluating investment opportunities for private individuals, investment firms and corporations across the globe. She has become an active participant in the blockchain community and recently headed up the launch of an iAngels fund dedicated to blockchain assets. Shelly earned her MBA at Kellogg Recanati, Chicago and holds a degree in Economics (summa cum laude) at Hunter College, New York.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”iAngels”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Shelly Hod”,”position”:”Founding Partner”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”linkedin”:”″,”bio”:”

Liad Itzhak is leading the Mobility business unit at HERE Technologies, driving the next revolution of the mobility ecosystem. Itzhak brings vast experience as a leader in the world of smart mobility, with expertise in consumer apps and Big Datan. Prior to joining HERE, Itzhak built key units at Waze/Google from the ground up, including Data, Maps and QA. Itzhak led the Data strategy of the company, turning Waze into a data-driven organization.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”HERE”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Liad Itzhak”,”position”:”VP Head of Mobility”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”twitter”:””,”linkedin”:””,”bio”:”

VRaj Kapoor is the Chief Strategy Officer for Lyft, as well as the Head of Business for Lyftu2019s self-driving division. He also serves as a board advisor for ClassPass, and a Venture Advisor at Mayfield Fund.nn

Prior to Lyft, he was a co-founder and CEO of both Snapfish (acquired by HP in 2005) and Fitmob (acquired by ClassPass in 2015), as well as a managing director at Mayfield Fund. Raj holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”Lyft”,”featured”:1,”name”:”Raj Kapoor”,”position”:”Chief Strategy Officer”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”twitter”:””,”linkedin”:””,”bio”:”

Omer has spent over 18 years driving cutting edge technologies from inception to commercialization. Before founding Innoviz, Omer led the system and product definition nefforts at ConsumerPhysics, building the worldu2019s first handheld molecular sensor for mobile devices. Previous roles include leading the system architecture and engineering teams at bTendo (acquired by ST Micro) and Anobit (acquired by Apple).Omer spent 7 years in the elite technological unit of the Intelligence Corps of the Israel Defense Forces, where he served in leading and critical roles involving large scale technological systems. He holds a BSc and MSc in Electrical Engineering and an MBA, all from Tel Aviv University.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”Innoviz Technologies”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Omer David Keilaf”,”position”:”CEO and Co-Founder”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”linkedin”:””,”bio”:”

As Head of Mobility Services, Joerg Lamparter is responsible for the mobility services car2go, moovel and mytaxi, as well as for managing the participation stakes in Blacklane, Careem, Chauffeur Privu00e9, Flixbus, Turo and Via.nThe technical business economist joined what was then Daimler-Benz AG in 1996 and has held various positions in Germany and abroad. In the early 2000s, Joerg Lamparter played a central role in building up an Internet-based auto finance startup in the USA. From 2007 to December 2011, the 46-year-old Managing Director was responsible for expanding and developing the Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Canada Corporation in Toronto, Canada. After this until September 2013, he managed the sales and marketing activities for the car and commercial vehicle division of Daimler Financial Services AG in Stuttgart as Director Sales & Marketing. From July 2013 to February 2016, he was Head of Sales at the Mercedes-Benz Bank. From March 2016 to October 2017, as CEO of moovel Group he was responsible for all activities of the moovel Group (Stuttgart) as well as moovel North America, based in Portland, Oregon.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”Daimler Financial Services”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Joerg Lamparter”,”position”:”Head of Mobility Services”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”linkedin”:””,”bio”:”

Inbal Lavi has led Webpals Group since 2014. Inbal was responsible for leading all three of the companyu2019s major acquisitions; Dau-Up, MarMar Media and ClicksMob. Her career spans over a decade in the online marketing industry, with expertise in marketing strategy, operations, and P&L management. She holds a B.Sc. and an M.Sc. with honors in Industrial Engineering from Tel Aviv University.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”Webpals”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Inbal Lavi”,”position”:”CEO”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”linkedin”:”″,”bio”:”

Dr. Anat Lea Bonshtien serves as the Chairman and Director of the Fuel Choices and Smart Mobility Initiative as of January 2017. Prior to this, she served as the Technology and Regulation Manager of the Initiative.nn

In addition, Dr. Bonshtien serves in the Board of Directors of the Capsula Israeli Smart Transportation Center. She is also a member of the National Science Committee for Energy under the Ministry of Science and Technology. Dr. Bonshtien is a former Mimshak Fellow, a science and policy fellowship program which integrates scientific knowledge with decision making. Dr. Bonshtien holds a MSc and a PhD in Biochemistry from Tel-Aviv University, Israel.”,”cbAvatar”:”″,”company”:”Prime Minister’s Office, Israel”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Anat Lea Bonshtien”,”position”:”Chairman and Director of the Fuel Choices and Smart Mobility Initiative”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”linkedin”:””,”bio”:”

Uri Levine is a passionate serial entrepreneur and disruptor. He co-founded Waze, the world’s largest driving traffic and navigation app, with more than 250M drivers around the globe, which was acquired by Google on June 2013 for more than $1.1 billion. Since then, he pursues his dream to create great value for large audiences, through the series of startups he founded. His vision is specifically intended to disrupt inefficient markets and improve under-functioning services, with focus on solving u201cBIG problemsu201d and saving consumers time and money, while empowering them and changing the world for the better.nn

Levine is Co-Founder, Chairman or Board Member in several startups with the agenda of u2018doing good and doing wellu2019: FeeX, Moovit, HERE, Engie, FairFly, ZeeK, Roomer, WeTrip, Seetree & Livecare. He is always working on his next idea.nn

Uri has been in the high-tech business for the last 30 years, half of them in the startup scene, and has seen everything ranging from failure, middle success and extreme success.nHe is also a world-class speaker on entrepreneurship, disruption, evolution vs. revolutions of markets, mobility and startups. Motivated to encourage the next generation of thinkers and innovators he also leads an academic workshop entitled u201cHow to Build a Startupu201d, aimed at undergraduate and graduate level business students.”,”cbAvatar”:”″,”company”:”Waze”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Uri Levine”,”position”:”Co-Founder & Serial Entrepreneur “,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”twitter”:”″,”linkedin”:”″,”bio”:”

Yoav is leading Upstream’s strategic direction, culture and business execution, over 17 years of experience with multi-national high-tech companies and start-ups. He brings rich leadership experience in management, marketing and business development of IT and security products spanning over a dozen years of experience in category leading vendors Check Point, Juniper Networks and Broadcom. Yoav is an avid kite boarder and surfer.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”Upstream Security”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Yoav Levy”,”position”:”Co Founder & CEO”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”linkedin”:”″,”bio”:”

Erel N. Margalit, PhD founded JVP over 24 years ago, and is one of the chief architects of the startup nation, bringing innovation and entrepreneurial leadership to the countryu2019s most pressing political, economic, and social challenges. Chosen for the Forbes Midas list and by Israelu2019s prestigious business paper as the first venture capitalist with the golden touch, Erel has led numerous global exits as managing partner of JVP, including implementing the first state sponsored incubator into the famed JVP family of funds, creating the Media Quarter in Jerusalem and leading the Cyber Security effort in Beer Sheva. In addition to helping orchestrate the $4.8 billion sale of Chromatis to Lucent Technologies in 2000, Erel successfully led investments in companies such as QlikTech (NASDAQ:QLIK), Cogent Communications (NASDAQ: CCOI), Netro (initial public offering, JVP subsequently sold its shares at a $5.5 billion company valuation), Cyoptics (acquired by Avago for $434 million), Precise (initial public offering and subsequently acquired by Veritas), Scorpio (acquired by US Robotics), Fundtech, ViryaNet, Jacada, and Allot and leading the investment and serving as the Chairman of CyberArk Software (NASDAQ: CYBR) for numerous years. During his tenure as Member of the Israeli Knesset, between the years 2013 u2013 2017, Erel served as a Member of the Security and Foreign Affairs Committee and Finance Committee. Erel led the Knessetu2019s Cybersecurity Taskforce and the Taskforce developing the North and South of Israel, implementing various economic development initiatives around the country. Erel also spearheads the Innovation Initiative for the Mediterranean Basin countries, engaging 14 Arab countries on projects around innovation and cyber security cooperation in the Euro-Med region.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP)”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Erel N. Margalit”,”position”:”Founder & Chairman”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”twitter”:””,”linkedin”:”″,”bio”:”

Yossi Matias is Vice President, Engineering, at Google and the Head of Google’s R&D Center in Israel which he established. He leads global efforts in Search, AI, and Crisis Response (some highlights here), and is the founding executive lead of Googleu2019s Campus Tel Aviv, the birthplace of Launchpad and other global entrepreneurship programs.nn

In addition to his executive and entrepreneurial experience, Yossi has been on the Computer Science faculty at Tel Aviv University, and previously a Research Scientist at Bell Labs and visiting professor at Stanford. He published extensively, has dozens of patents on his name, and pioneered some of the early technologies for the effective analysis of big data, internet privacy, and contextual search. He is a recipient of the Godel Prize and is an ACM Fellow.nn

Yossi was on the board of IATI – Israel Advanced Technology industries – and is co-chair of IATIu2019s Multi National Companies Forum.”,”cbAvatar”:”″,”company”:”Google”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Yossi Matias”,”position”:”Vice President, Engineering”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”linkedin”:””,”bio”:”

Jami Mazzawi has founded Optima in 2014 to resolve all Functional-Safety challenges for Automotive and Safety-Critical semiconductor chips. Functional-Safety is a major challenge faced today by semiconductor companies, which inhibits and reduces their ability to penetrate the automotive segment of semiconductors.nn

Autonomous Driving is revolutionizing the structure of cars, converting them to supercomputers-on-wheels, with tens of huge and complex chips. These chips need to meet the stringent Functional Safety requirements of ISO-26262, such as ASIL-C or ASIL-D, with no adequate solution in the market. Using its cutting edge, ultra-fast, fault-simulation technology, Optima provide fully automated solutions to convert chips and IP-cores into Automotive grade meeting ASIL-C and ASIL-D requirements,nn

Jamil has over 25 yearsu2019 experience in the semiconductor and EDA industries, both in Silicon Valley, Israel and Europe. He worked in engineering, sales and managerial positions at: Ornet Data Communication, Verisity Inc., Rambus, Sun Microsystems, Jasper Design Automation and now Optima. He was involved in developing, promoting and selling disruptive technologies and tools such as: Verisityu2019s eRM, constraint-random-verification methodology, later OVM and UVM, vManager, low-power formal verification flow, Fault-Simulation-Engine, Soft-error-selective-hardening, Safety-BIST and others.nn

Jamil authored and co-authored seven patents in formal-verification of low-power design, fault-simulations, functional-safety and ISO-26262 solutions. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering from the Technion, Israel and MBA from San Jose University, CA.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”Optima Design Automation”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Jamil Mazzawi”,”position”:”Founder and CEO”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”linkedin”:””,”bio”:”

Orit Nissan-Messing is experienced in cloud architectures, storage, AI and big data. Prior to iguazio, Orit was Chief Architect at XIV (acquired by IBM) and held management roles in various companies from startups to corporations. Orit is currently an active member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and its Serverless and Storage Groups.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”iguazio”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Orit Nissan-Messing”,”position”:”Chief Architect & Co-Founder”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”linkedin”:””,”bio”:”

Yifat Oron is the CEO of LeumiTech, Leumi Group’s high-tech banking subsidiary. In her role, Ms.Oron is responsible for leveraging Leumi Group’s global capabilities and offerings to support high-tech companies’ financing needs.nMs. Oron has over twenty years of experience working with technology companies, in venture capital, banking and consulting. She spent most of her career as a Partner at Vertex Ventures (an Israeli-based venture fund with over $700 million of capital under management). Prior to joining Vertex, Ms. Oron was a technology investment banking associate at JPMorgan. Previously, she spent three years at the Directorate of R&D of the Israeli Ministry of Defense where she achieved the rank of Lieutenant in the Economics, Budget & Control Department.nAt the age of 34, Ms. Oron was selected as one of the promising “40 Under 40″ in the High-Tech and VC category by Israel’s leading economic newspaper.nMs. Oron holds an M.B.A. from Tel-Aviv University and a B.Sc in Economics and Management from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”LeumiTech”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Yifat Oron”,”position”:”CEO”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”twitter”:””,”linkedin”:”″,”bio”:”

Chemi Peres is Managing General Partner and Co-Founder of Pitango, one of Israelu2019s leading Venture Capital Groups with over $2 Billion under management, and a portfolio of some 230 high tech companies. He serves on the boards of Pitango portfolio companies such as Taboola, Via Transportation Radwin and more.nn

Mr. Peres is also pioneer in the field of impact investments in Israel. He is Chairman of the Al-Bawader Fund, a private-public partnership between Pitango and the Israeli Government, focused on investment in the Israeli Arab Minorities sector. Mr. Peres is chairing the Advisory Board of Impact1st (Israelu2019s first impact investment platform in technology) and as a board member at Social Finance Israel, Israel social impact bonds platform.nn

He is Chairman of the Peres Center for Peace & Innovation. He holds BSc. degree in Industrial Engineering & Management and MBA degree from Tel Aviv University Mr. Peres served as a pilot in IAF (Israeli Air Force).”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”Pitango Venture Capital”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Chemi Peres”,”position”:”Managing General Partner & Co-Founder”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”twitter”:””,”linkedin”:”″,”bio”:”

Natalie is a Partner at Viola Growth. She joined Viola Growth as an Associate when it was first founded in 2008 and later on was promoted to Partner. Natalie is an experienced investment professional with a vast network and connections in the Israeli high-tech and the VC/PE industry. Prior to joining Viola Growth, Natalie was with Evergreen Venture Partners, an Israeli venture capital fund and an Associate in the Office of the Legal Advisor in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs where she was in charge of Economic Bilateral and Multilateral International Agreements of the Israeli Government. Natalie was a member of the Global Consulting Practicum Program staff of the Recanati School of Business Management in Tel Aviv University and Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania. Natalie holds a special BA in Law and International Relations from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and an MBA (Summa Cum Laude) from Tel Aviv University.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”Viola Growth”,”featured”:1,”name”:”Natalie Refuah”,”position”:”Partner”,”links”:false,”bio”:”

Austin Russell is an accomplished applied physicist, and founder and CEO of Luminar Technologies, Inc. He founded the company in 2012 with a vision to develop a new type of LiDAR for the autonomous vehicle industry.nn

Austin began his career as an inventor at an early age, writing his first patent by the time he was 12. A year later, his interests became focused on the photonics industry, where he later developed a number of projects – ranging from laser-based wireless power transmission to projected augmented reality systems. Many of his projects required the creation of custom 3D mapping sensors. He made an early bet on the application of high-performance LiDAR for the autonomous vehicle industry with the foresight that it would transform the future of transportation.nn

In 2012, Austin founded Luminar while performing independent research at the Beckman Laser Institute. He was subsequently recruited to Stanford to study in the applied physics department but dropped out 3 months later to accept the Thiel Fellowship. Since then, the Luminar team has achieved a number of breakthroughs in LiDAR, which can finally make autonomous vehicles both safe and ubiquitous.”,”cbAvatar”:”″,”company”:”Luminar”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Austin Russell”,”position”:”CEO & Founder”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”linkedin”:””,”bio”:”

Eran Shir is a serial entrepreneur and investor, currently trying to change the driving world for the better at Nexar. Previously, Eran was Entrepreneur In Residence at Aleph, a VC out of Tel Aviv where heu2019s been focusing on fields like Internet of Things, big-data, crypto currencies, marketplaces and networks, and the way they disrupt important markets like transportation, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and finance. Before Aleph Eran ran the global Creative Innovation Center for Yahoo!, where he was responsible for Yahoo!u2019s ad creative technologies strategy and portfolio, as well as the development of its next generation native advertising platform. Eran joined Yahoo! in Oct. 2010 when Yahoo! acquired Dapper, a dynamic ads and semantic web startup he co-founded in 2007.nn

Previously, Eran was a physicist, focusing primarily on complex systems and complex networks, and an Internet researcher, founder of the DIMES Internet research project, and Cogniview, a machine learning startup.”,”cbAvatar”:”″,”company”:”Nexar”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Eran Shir”,”position”:”Co-Founder & CEO”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”twitter”:””,”linkedin”:””,”bio”:”

Oren Shoval is the co-founder and CTO of Via, a fully dynamic, on-demand transit network currently operational in NYC, CHI and DC. He is a former strategy business consultant at McKinsey, and has spent 10 years in the Israeli Air Force developing and deploying real-time avionic systems for fighter jets. Oren holds a PhD from the Weizmann Institute of Science where he focused on finding simplifying patterns in complex biological phenomena. He also holds an MSc in electrical engineering and a BSc in physics and math.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”Via”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Oren Shoval”,”position”:”Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”linkedin”:””,”bio”:”

Ryan Sturgill is the Director of Gaza Sky Geeks, a leading startup accelerator, digital outsourcing agency, and first full-stack coding academy in Palestine. Before moving to Gaza, he helped establish a startup incubator in Afghanistan with support from Google and has advised small businesses on operations and financial strategy in Palestine, the UAE, Iraq, and Pakistan. He has analyzed, structured, and managed investments for The Abraaj Group, a growth markets private equity firm in Dubai, and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, a major lender to small businesses around the globe. He began his career in J.P. Morganu2019s investment banking division in New York. Ryan holds a bacheloru2019s in Middle East studies from Georgetown, an MBA from MIT, and an MPA from the Harvard Kennedy School.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”Gaza Sky Geeks”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Ryan Sturgill”,”position”:”Director”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”twitter”:””,”linkedin”:””,”bio”:”

In his role, Fadi is responsible to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation among the Arab community, seeking to bridge the u201ctechnological entrepreneurship gapu201d between the two communities. His mission is to “Transform and Stimulate the Arab/Israeli economy through Tech-Entrepreneurship and startups”, to successfully establish entrepreneurship ecosystem by developing partnerships and collaborations with leading organizations from the private and public sector, and to assure real and substantial social impact,nn

Fadi holds MBA degree from Clarck University, Boston, and a Bsc in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Technion, Israel.nn

In the past years, Fadi worked as freelancer Consultant for startups, writing business plans, finance and go-to-market strategies. Prior to that, Fadi worked as the assistant of Nazareth Municipality CEO.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”Nazareth Incubator & Hybrid Accelerator”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Fadi Swidan”,”position”:”Director”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”linkedin”:””,”bio”:”

Hilla is Senior Director of Advanced Development at Mobileye. She manages the Advanced Development department overseeing Mobileye’s future technology business development activities, that lead all pre-production/advanced development programs.nn

With a Computer Science and Math degree, Hilla has held in the past various software development management positions in several tech companies. Hilla lives in Rehovot with her wife Noga and 4 children.”,”cbAvatar”:”″,”company”:”Mobileye”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Hilla Tavor”,”position”:”Senior Director of Advanced Development”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”linkedin”:””,”bio”:”

As founder and CEO of three successful companies, Ben brings an extensive track record andnrich entrepreneurial experience. Prior to founding otonomo in 2015, Ben served for four years asna Business Unit General Manager at F5 Networks (NASDAQ:FFIV), which he joined after thenacquisition of Traffix, where he was Co-Founder and as CEO. As the founder and CEO of Traffix,nBen has built a multi-million-dollar global business, working with partners and tier-1 servicenproviders around the world. Before founding Traffix, Ben managed R&D groups in Sendo (UK),nwhich provided advanced mobile data solutions. Prior to Sendo Ben has filled various roles innPanasonic Mobile Communications (UK), which included building their first European marketnproducts. Ben was also Co-founder of VC-backed Sedona Networks, a provider of advancednnetwork solutions.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”otonomo”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Ben Volkow”,”position”:”Founder & CEO”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”linkedin”:””,”bio”:”

Dave (Shahar) Waiser is a serial entrepreneur who founded and built companies in US and Internationally.nn

In early 2000 u2013 He founded Russian entity of publicly traded Comverse [NASDAQ:CMVT] and served as its first CEO with a $300M record in total sales.nn

In 2005 – Moved to San Francisco to build his new start-up Loyalize (acquired by Viggle [VGGL]). Loyalize technology had been used during the Super Bowl, Australian Open, Grammys, and Oscars.nn

In 2010 – Dave founded Gett (previously GetTaxi) operating in 100 cities worldwide, nincluding: New York, London, Moscow, and Tel-Aviv. nGett raised $640 million in venture funding, including $300M from Volkswagen Group, and was selected by FORBES as one of the fastest growing companies.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”Gett”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Dave Waiser”,”position”:”Founder & CEO”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”twitter”:””,”linkedin”:””,”bio”:”

Rani Wellingstein, Oryx Visionu2019s CEO, is a serial entrepreneur who most recently was CEO and Co-Founder of Intucell. Following Intucellu2019s acquisition ($475m) by Cisco (Nasdaq: CSCO) in 2013, Rani served as VP and BU manager of Ciscou2019s Self Optimized Networks Business Unit, in Ciscou2019s Mobility division.nRani holds BSc EE from the Technion and MScEE from Tel-Aviv University and served 5 years, as a SONAR engineer, in the technology unit of the Israeli navy.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”Oryx Vision”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Rani Wellingstein”,”position”:”Ceo & Co-Founder”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”linkedin”:””,”bio”:”

In 2000, Dr. Raufb01 Yoeli established Urban Aeronautics Ltd in order to pursue the dream of developing the world’s first high performance, internal-rotor aircraft. The result is a family of revolutionary, VTOL aircraft known as u2018Fancraftu2019. These include the companyu2019s X-Hawk and its flagship product, AirMule which is currently in flight testing.nn

Prior to establishing Urban Aeronautics, Dr. Yoeli spent the early years of his career with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and the Boeing Aircraft Company in Seattle. At IAI he was part of a preliminary design team responsible, among other projects, for the Lavi fighter aircraft and the Westwind 1124 and 1125 business jets as well as the world’s first UAV, the Scout.nn

Dr. Yoeli left IAI to establish his first company, Aero-Design & Development (AD&D) which he ran for 15 years and sold to Elbit Systems in 2002. AD&D was an advanced, rapid prototyping company known for its ability to develop innovative products in response to cutting edge technical challenges. AD&D’s accomplishments included advanced modifications for helicopters and fighter aircraft, the Stingray unmanned surface vessel, a solar powered, high altitude aircraft, advanced flight control computers and software, one of the earliest modifications of a helicopter to unmanned and the Hummingbird flying platform. AD&D’s ‘Skylark’, now produced by Elbit, remains at the top of its class in the mini-UAV market.nn

Dr. Yoeli is a licensed pilot for both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft and holds a B.Sc. In aeronautical engineering from Tel Aviv University, an M.Sc. in aeronautical engineering and a P.hD. in Artificial Intelligence both from the Technion Institute of Technology.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”Urban Aeronautics”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Rafi Yoeli”,”position”:”Founder and Chief Executive Officer”,”links”:false,”bio”:”

Yahal is the co-founder of Magma Venture Partners. Magma is positioned as the leading Venture Capital Fund in Israel, with numerous success stories that Yahal has led.nn

Prior to Magma, Yahal served as the CFO of VocalTec Communications from 1995 to 1999, where he was part of the team that pioneered VoIP. Yahal led the company from seed to its public offering on Nasdaq (NASDAQ:CALL).nn

Yahal is very active with the business development and financing-related activities of the companies that he works with. Yahal led and was on the boards of Waze (acquired by Google), Onavo (acquired by Facebook), Argus (acquired by Continental), DesignArt Networks (acquired by Qualcomm), Phonetic Systems (acquired by Nuance) and Adience (acquired by Teddy Sagi Group). Yahal currently serves as a director on the boards of Valens, Applitools,, Hola, Scylla DB, Gloat and Magisto, among others. He is also an investor in leading companies such as Vayyar, Fundbox, MeMed and Replay (acquired by Intel).nn

For the past several years, Yahal has been very involved in the automotive and mobility ecosystem, building strong relationships and focusing on the automotive industry as a major investment opportunity. As a part of Magma, Yahal has invested in seven companies focused on the automotive space and autonomous driving enabling technologies, including Waze, Autotalks, Valens, Innoviz, Argus, Iguazio and JpU.”,”cbAvatar”:””,”company”:”Magma Venture Partners”,”featured”:0,”name”:”Yahal Zilka”,”position”:”Co-Founder and Managing Partner”,”links”:”crunchbase”:””,”linkedin”:””],”sponsorships”:[“name”:”Sponsor”,”level”:”tier1″,”sponsors”:[“content”:”DG RTD leads the European Commission’s efforts in initiating and implementing EU Research and Innovation policy comprising two major components: Funding of projects, through the multi-annual Framework Programmes and; Policies aimed at R&I excellence, and shaping the way R&I is conducted. The current Framework programme Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU R&I programme ever with nearly u20ac80 billion of funding available over 7 yearsu2013 in addition to the private investment that this money attract. DG RTD has 3 Departments, 11 Directorates, and approximately 1750 staff.”,”image”:””,”id”:1566212,”link”:””,”name”:”European Innovation Council”,”sanitized”:”european-innovation-council”,”content”:”Globes, Israel’s leading business newspaper, is recognized in Israel as a leader of the Israeli business agenda and a provider of essential news, commentary and analysis on the local and global markets for the domestic and global business community”,”image”:””,”id”:1639059,”link”:””,”name”:”Globes”,”sanitized”:”globes”,”content”:”HERE Mobility aimsu00a0to democratize the mobility ecosystem.rnWith our cutting-edge technology,u00a0we enableu00a0an open and competitive market, creating a smart mobility marketplace for all transportation services, empowering people and businesses worldwide.u00a0The HERE Mobility Marketplace is a one-stop-shop that aggregates all transportation services, connecting smart mobility supply and demand in real time. Our tools and technology make transportation of any kind easy to use and accessible for everyone.”,”image”:””,”id”:1646098,”link”:””,”name”:”HERE Mobility”,”sanitized”:”here-mobility”,”content”:”ICON is a US-based non-profit organization with the mission of creating a community in Silicon Valley of those who are passionate about Israeli Tech and innovation and harnessing the strength of this community to help Israeli startups.u00a0Our community includes prominent Silicon Valley investors, Senior Corporate Executives and Israeli founders that are based both in IL/US.”,”image”:””,”id”:1639288,”link”:””,”name”:”Icon”,”sanitized”:”icon”,”content”:”90% of Fortune 500 companies trust their business on the Microsoft cloud. Microsoft ScaleUp is a unique, global program designed to help later-stage B2B startups deliver their innovative solutions to these enterprise customers. Through proven business guidance, access to Microsoft Azure, powerful development tools and hands-on technical support, the program creates a streamlined path for startups to engage over 40K incentivized Microsoft sellers and hundreds of thousands of global channel partners. In one of our 8 locations in key cities around the world, selected companies are able to experience an immersive curriculum designed to quickly prepare them to go to market with Microsoft sellers.rnrnSince our founding in 2012, we have helped over 800 startups around the world who have collectively raised over $6B in follow-on funding. Where other programs are focused on helping startups secure funding, our goal is to help you secure the customers that will drive your startupu2019s success.rnrnInterested to hear more or contact one of our eight global locations?rnrnPlease visit:”,”image”:””,”id”:1639051,”link”:””,”name”:”Microsoft ScaleUp”,”sanitized”:”microsoft-scaleup”,”content”:” is a leading news website covering breakthrough innovation and technology from Israel for a global audience.”,”image”:””,”id”:1649525,”link”:””,”name”:”No Camels”,”sanitized”:”no-camels”,”content”:”Unitedu00a0Airlines is connecting people and uniting the world with the most comprehensive global route network and a fleet that is one of the most modern and fuel-efficient among U.S. network carriers. The airline has served Israel since 1999, and is proud to provide customers with service to the high-tech market. To book your tickets to TechCrunch Tel Aviv and beyond, visit”,”image”:””,”id”:1534177,”link”:””,”name”:”United Airlines”,”sanitized”:”united-airlines”,”content”:”The third time is a charm, Tel Aviv. After holding a Meetup + Pitch-off the last two years in Israel, TechCrunch is returning on 7 June 2018 for a day-long conference. As much fun as networking on a roof facing the Mediterranean Sea is, weu2019re ready to dig deeper into the tech that is coming out of Israel, focusing on mobility.rnrnThe mobility industry is ripe for disruption. It is gaining speed in astonishing ways and Israeli tech is on the forefront. The underlying technology supporting the strides made in mobility is incredibly complex, testing the knowledge of the tech establishment. TechCrunch is up to the challenge, coming to Tel Aviv to talk on stage to industry leaders in this industry to learn where it is all going.rnrnAt TechCrunch Tel Aviv, we will focus on these types of technologies and beyond, all of which are compounding to change the mobility industry as we know it.rnrnAside from signature TechCrunch programming, our inaugural conference in Tel Aviv will feature a robust exhibition area where the cream of the startup crop will demo their products.rnrn""rnrnIn conjunction with The Builders, TechCrunch is co-hosting the first ever Israeli Innovation Week. Starting June 3 and culminating in the TC Tel Aviv conference, weu2019re organizing a series of events for the public focused on various technologies and startups highlighting mobility innovation in Israel and around the world.rnrnClick here to discover the full schedule of great events you can register for during Innovation Week.rnrnIf you are an accredited journalist interested in covering this event, you can fill out this form to request a press pass.”,”image”:””,”id”:0,”link”:””,”name”:”TechCrunch Tel Aviv”,”sanitized”:”techcrunch-tel-aviv”]],”subPages”:[“id”:1599520,”link”:””,”title”:”Sponsors”,”type”:”sponsors_page”,”id”:1617076,”link”:””,”title”:”Attendee List”,”type”:”standard”,”id”:1623103,”link”:””,”title”:”Startup Alley”,”type”:”standard”,”id”:1646014,”link”:””,”title”:”Tel Aviv Innovation Week”,”type”:”standard”],”ticketInfo”:”block_information”:”title”:”Tickets”,”subtitle”:””,”display”:true,”display_type”:”widget”,”universe_id”:”SN5BPH”,”thank_you_url”:””,”offers”:[“title”:”General Admission Ticket”,”subtitle”:””,”price”:”u20aa349.00″,”orig_price”:””,”price_details”:””,”description”:”

Includes access to main session, workshops, & closing reception. Breakfast & lunch provided.n”,”title”:”Startup Demo Table Ticket”,”subtitle”:”2 tix. min”,”price”:”u20aa1700.00″,”orig_price”:””,”price_details”:””,”description”:”

For u20aa1,700 you get 2 attendee tickets, 1 demo table at the event, tablecloth, tabletop sign.n”,”title”:””,”subtitle”:””,”price”:””,”orig_price”:””,”price_details”:””,”description”:””,”title”:””,”subtitle”:””,”price”:””,”orig_price”:””,”price_details”:””,”description”:””,”title”:””,”subtitle”:””,”price”:””,”orig_price”:””,”price_details”:””,”description”:””,”title”:””,”subtitle”:””,”price”:””,”orig_price”:””,”price_details”:””,”description”:””],”timestamps”:”begin”:1528329600,”end”:1528415999,”timezone”:”Europe/Athens”,”dates”:”begin”:”07/06/2018″,”end”:”07/06/2018″,”venue”:”city”:”Tel Aviv-Yafo”,”country”:”Israel”,”latitude”:32.105548,”link”:”,34.809076,17z/”,”longitude”:34.809076,”name”:”Tel Aviv Convention Center”,”state”:””,”street”:”Rokach Blvd 101 Pavilion 10″,”zip”:””,”subPageType”:null,”subPageVideoPlaylists”:null,”tracking”:{“enabled”:false,”pixels”:”facebook”:”id”:”1447508128842484″,”event”:”type”:”trackCustom”,”name”:””,”params”:”scalar”:””,”twitter”:”id”:””,”google”:”conversion”:”id”:954765627,”label”:”VCU_CKX7vX0Qu6KixwM”,”value”:0,”currency”:””,”remarketingOnly”:true},”seoTitle”:””,”seoDescription”:””,”authors”:[105117099],”_links”:”self”:[“href”:”″],”collection”:[“href”:””],”about”:[“href”:””],”version-history”:[“href”:””],”wp:featuredmedia”:[“embeddable”:true,”href”:”″],”wp:attachment”:[“href”:”″],”wp:term”:[“taxonomy”:”tc_event”,”embeddable”:true,”href”:”″],”curies”:[“name”:”wp”,”href”:””,”templated”:true],”_embedded”:{“wp:featuredmedia”:[“id”:1599531,”date”:”2018-02-16T13:26:36″,”slug”:”telaviv_website_square_405x253″,”type”:”attachment”,”link”:””,”title”:”rendered”:”TelAviv_website_square_405x253″,”author”:105117099,”license”:””,”authors”:[105117099],”caption”:”rendered”:””,”alt_text”:””,”media_type”:”image”,”mime_type”:”image/png”,”media_details”:”width”:405,”height”:253,”file”:”2018/02/telaviv_website_square_405x253.png”,”sizes”:[],”image_meta”:”aperture”:”0″,”credit”:””,”camera”:””,”caption”:””,”created_timestamp”:”0″,”copyright”:””,”focal_length”:”0″,”iso”:”0″,”shutter_speed”:”0″,”title”:””,”orientation”:”0″,”keywords”:[],”filesize”:163277,”source_url”:””,”_links”:”self”:[“href”:”″],”collection”:[“href”:””],”about”:[“href”:””],”replies”:[“embeddable”:true,”href”:”″],”author”:[“embeddable”:true,”href”:”″]],”wp:term”:[[“id”:576602923,”link”:””,”name”:”TechCrunch Tel Aviv”,”slug”:”techcrunch-tel-aviv”,”taxonomy”:”tc_event”,”rapidData”:”pt”:””,”pct”:””,”_links”:”self”:[“href”:”″],”collection”:[“href”:””],”about”:[“href”:””],”up”:[“embeddable”:true,”href”:”″],”wp:post_type”:[“href”:”″,”href”:”″,”href”:”″],”curies”:[“name”:”wp”,”href”:””,”templated”:true]]]}}],”battlefieldEvents”:[],”battlefieldCompanies”:[],”battlefieldPages”:[]},”current_posts”:[1652619],”request”:”/2018/06/06/cambridge-analyticas-nix-said-it-licensed-millions-of-data-points-from-axciom-experian-infogroup-to-target-us-voters/”,”siteURI”:””,”totalPages”:”0″,”trending”:[“id”:”1599510″,”link”:””,”name”:”TechCrunch Tel Aviv “,”type”:”event”,”id”:”576603510″,”link”:””,”name”:”WWDC 2018 “,”type”:”tag”,”id”:”576605783″,”link”:””,”name”:”iOS at WWDC 2018 “,”type”:”tag”,”id”:”15986864″,”link”:””,”name”:”Government”,”type”:”category”,”id”:”81819″,”link”:””,”name”:”Facebook “,”type”:”tag”,”id”:”6602″,”link”:””,”name”:”Amazon “,”type”:”tag”,”id”:”60523764″,”link”:””,”name”:”Fundings & Exits “,”type”:”category”,”id”:”449223024″,”link”:””,”name”:”Hardware “,”type”:”category”,”id”:”426637499″,”link”:””,”name”:”Privacy “,”type”:”category”,”id”:”3457″,”link”:””,”name”:”Social “,”type”:”category”,”id”:”13217″,”link”:””,”name”:”Policy “,”type”:”category”],”videoPlayerIds”:”no-ad-autostart”:”56f58bbbe4b01497527036b2″,”regular”:”56df4e9de4b0c9c31d626c18″,”regular-autostart”:”56faf851e4b0d3dcac2e081a”,”sideview-autostart”:”57e2c53fcc52c7730882bbfe”,”facebookPixelId”:”1447508128842484″,”marketoAccountId”:”270-WRY-762″,”vidibleCompanyId”:”564f313b67b6231408bc51ee”,”recaptchaPublic”:”6LeZyjwUAAAAABqkWH_Ct0efGn0B4pGU6ZLUeUvA”,”googleAnalyticsID”:”UA-991406-1″,”googleAnalyticsDomains”:[“”],”tinypass”:”scriptURL”:””,”apiKey”:”Fy7FpgyUxA”,”apiURL”:””,”legacyPages”:[],”apiNonce”:”e41f5d32eb”,”userCan”:”editPosts”:false,”restNonce”:null,”initialStore”:”events”:”eventTypeIDs”:[],”eventPostIds”:[],”featuredEventIDs”:”event_home”:[],”featuredPostIDs”:,”pastEventIDs”:”default”:[],”pastFilters”:,”pastLoading”:false,”upcomingEventIDs”:”default”:null,”upcomingFilters”:,”upcomingLoading”:false,”section”:”allPosts”:[1652619],”contentObject”:null,”currentPage”:1,”expandedPost”:””,”expandedIsland”:””,”loading”:false,”component”:”singlePost”};
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