BuzzFeed is getting into the smart appliance business with the Tasty One Top

by admin July 27, 2017 at 5:38 pm

Here’s a sentence I never expected to write: BuzzFeed is making its first smart appliance, the Tasty One Top, available for pre-order.

It sounds a little weird for a digital media company to try to sell you a fancy hot plate, but this is part of BuzzFeed Product Labs, which was created last year following the acquisition of e-commerce startup Scroll. The team’s goal is to experiment with different commerce initiatives to figure out what works for BuzzFeed.

In this case, the One Top is tied to Tasty, Buzzfeed’s super-popular cooking brand — according to Tubular Labs, Tasty gets 2.3 billion video views each month. Along with announcing the One Top, BuzzFeed is launching the new Tasty app, which includes nearly 1,700 video recipes. (The app is launching on iOS, with plans for an Android version in the future.)

So you can look up a recipe in the app, and then cook it using the One Top. BuzzFeed describes the One Top as a Bluetooth-enabled induction cooktop, which supports cooking with pots and pans as well as sous vide. For precision cooking, the One Top also monitors the surface temperature of the pot or pan, and it comes with a thermometer to track the internal temperature of the food.

If you’re wondering why the One Top has that pentagon shape, the website has a simple explanation: “Because Instagram.”