Behind the Scenes: Capturing Epic Pre-Wedding Photos with Sails Chong

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Apple just announced the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, a smartphone it calls “the world’s most advanced smartphone.”

I remember the first time I picked up a digital camera. It was 2003 and I got this little Canon G5, a good point-and-shoot, and it was 5 megapixels.

A group of vandals have been caught on camera destroying an iconic rock formation on the Oregon coast known as Duckbill Rock or Thor’s Fist, prompting many to both mourn the icon’s loss, and call for justice against the videotaped vandals.

Myths and misconceptions persist because they’re either compelling or no one bothers to correct them. For photographers, many myths of digital photography arose when trying to draw imperfect analogies to film photography.

Canon hasn’t given up on the EOS M series of mirrorless cameras. In fact, it seems they’re preparing to launch what might be considered the “next chapter” in the M-line: The EOS M5. And today we get our first look at it.

Fujifilm just brought its Instax instant film into the world of black-and-white photography with the unveiling of its new Instax Mini Film Monochrome.

The title sort of gives it away, but did you know that there is an online archive that contains high-resolution film scans from every Apollo mission? The gallery contains all of the incredible photos taken during each of the missions — from Apollo 1 all the way through Apollo 17 — with some 1,000+ photos from Apollo 11 alone.

In 1871, the Prevention of Crimes Act made it a legal requirement that anybody who was arrested in England and Wales had to have their photograph taken—thus was born the official “mug shot”. But mug shots from the late 1800s look very different from the ones you might see today.

The consumer camera market is dead. Buried. Worm food. And if camera manufacturers don’t switch their focus to enthusiasts fast, they’ll lose them too. That seems to be the core thesis behind this interesting industry breakdown by photographer and educator Tony Northrup.

NASA recently released a shocking slide show that shows, picture-by-picture, the death of what was once the fourth largest lake on Earth. Known as the Aral Sea, this endothermic lake is now mostly an arid wasteland.

With Photokina coming up later this month, we’ll soon have a good chance to see whether Nikon is playing to their competencies or incompetencies with their next round of announcements. Every company has some core competencies that can’t be denied. What are Nikon’s?

The winners of the 2016 Australian Professional Photography Awards were announced last week, and one of Australia’s top photographers isn’t happy with the selections. He says the prestigious awards have been “hijacked by manipulators” whose work should be considered illustrations rather than photographs.

Film photographers sick of the same-old who want to try something totally different definitely need to give Film Washi a look. The self-styled “world’s smallest film company” just started making its signature black-and-white film “W” in 35mm format!

So this was the first sunset I captured in 2012. It cost me $6,612 to take this photo.

Yesterday I spent the day out with my family at Paraparumu beach, part of the idyllic Kapiti Coast on the Lower West Coast of the North Island, New Zealand. The long flat coastline is perfect for a day out with the family, and the coast features the iconic Kapiti Island, which is a prominent subject for anyone who likes to take photos.

French criminologist (and high school dropout) Alphonse Bertillon was a pioneer in the field of anthropometry – the use of human measurements – to identify criminals. As a part of this practice, Bertillon standardized the modern mugshot in 1888 with the now familiar frontal and profile portrait, the latter of which was selected because Bertillon believed the ears to be a highly identifiable characteristic.

Once bad boys of rock and roll Motley Crüe are in hot water with the photo community. Two famed rock photographers are suing the band for using their iconic images of the band all over merchandise sold during the Motley Crüe farewell tour last year without permission or payment.

DxOMark just finished testing Sony’s 85mm f/1.4 GM lens, part of Sony’s uncompromising new line of G Master lenses. And the results show that Sony really did leave out the compromise; in fact, it looks like the 85mm f/1.4 GM is on-par with the lusted-after Zeiss Otus 85mm f/1.4 … at less than half the price.

Back in July, we reported the rumor that Canon would soon debut their own lenses with digital displays, following in Zeiss’ footsteps with the Batis line. Today, we may be getting our first look at what those displays may look like and show.

If you love those photographers who will “do anything for the shot,” then you’re really going to enjoy Japanese photographer snowfairy88. When he needs to make a splash with one of his portraits, he goes all in… literally.

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