Beer and wine delivery: the best alcohol delivery services for the weekend

by admin April 3, 2020 at 1:03 pm

Looking to get some Beer, wine and alcohol delivery in for the weekend? We’ve brought you the best services we’ve found for the US and UK just in time. With even the best grocery delivery services struggling to offer delivery slots, demand is up across the board due to lockdown. Happily, many retailers are still open, have stock and are delivering to your doorstep – we’ve tracked them down right here and thrown in some handy discounts to boot.

Whether you’re partial to the odd craft beer or the finest wines known to humanity, we’ve rounded up what we think are the best alcohol delivery services available in the US and UK today. So fear not: if you have a Friday night virtual house party planned, we’ve got you covered. (Want a pizza delivery too? We’ve found the best pizzas deals right now as well.)

Read on for the best beer and wine delivery services that are still open – and if you want to order liquor online, you’ll find that below too.

The best alcohol delivery in the US

  • Drizly – Wine, beer and liquor delivery in under 60 minutes
  • WSJWine – Save up to $190 on a 12-bottle box of wine
  • Winc – Buy four bottles of wine and get 50% off

The best alcohol delivery in the UK

Wine and alcohol delivery in the US

Drizly: Wine, beer and liquor delivery in under 60 minutes
Drizly is the GrubHub of alcohol. It brings together all your local stores into one handy delivery hub and is really convenient if you need something right now. You’ll have to enter your address to see what’s available, but there are hundreds of potential options including beer, wine, and liquor – all delivered via your local shops within minutes.
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WSJWine: Save up to $190 on a 12-bottle wine box
If it’s strictly wine you’re after then WSJWine currently has an offer on the introductory 12-wine box for just $69.99 – throwing in two free bottles and stemless glasses. This offer comes with the wine club subscription though, so make sure you cancel it if you just want a one-off box. And if you’re just looking for the odd box or two, then they’re also still delivering currently.
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Winc: 50% off when you buy four bottles of wine
Winc is an online wine delivery service that lets you choose between one-off purchases and a monthly subscription service – starting at three bottles for $39, plus $9 shipping. The unique selling point for Winc is its custom taste profiling, where the service will recommend wines based on a quick preference quiz. If you’re interested in becoming a member you can get $20 off your first shipment of four bottles, though you can still get one-off alcohol deliveries if needed.
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Wine and alcohol delivery in the UK

The Bottle Club: 5% off all orders over £30 /w code PUBSCLOSED5
Wines, beers, ciders, spirits and all things in between are all still available on the Bottle Club this week – and with a handy 5% off saving on orders over £30 to boot. Make sure you use the code PUBSCLOSED5 at the checkout to redeem this offer. If you’re going to stock up then free delivery is also offered for orders over £100, though note they currently don’t deliver on Saturdays.View Deal

The Drink Shop: 20% off selected wine, beer and liquors
Good news – The Drink Shop is still open, offering 20% off on selected booze, and yes, still delivering. Head over to the online store now to check out its selections on lagers, ciders, wines, spirits, mixers and everything in between.
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Amazon UK: Browse all wine, beer and spirits
Amazon aren’t just a tech and book retailer – They’ve got a whole grocery section that includes a massive range of alcoholic beverages. What sets Amazon apart from other retailers is their prime delivery of course – perfect if you need a to get your hands on a bottle or keg in double-quick time.
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Vinatis: Up to 28% off select bottles of wine
Wine retailer Vinatis is currently offering free wine delivery on all orders over £150, as well as discounts of up to 28% on select bottles over in its flash sale. The company has a wide range of whites, reds, roses and sparkling wines in stock today, and is also offering a £5 off voucher if you sign up for its newsletter.
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Beer Hawk | Free delivery on beer orders over £50
If you’re a beer aficionado then look no further than Beer Hawk – currently your best bet if you’re looking for a keg or the latest craft beers. This retailer is currently donating £1 of every beer delivery order to support hospitality workers affected by pub and bar closures brought about by the COVID-19 crisis – even more reason to browse its excellent selection.
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Still looking for wine, beer or liquor? We’ve got some other great alcohol delivery services to consider in the UK right here.

  • Honest Brew Free beer delivery on all orders over £50
  • Beelivery – Fast takeaway beer delivery from your local newsagents
  • Flavourly – Craft beer with 48hr delivery
  • Majestic – Currently not taking wine delivery orders due to demand

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