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by admin 5 years ago

Hardware Battlefield Applications Now Close On Monday

We get it. You’re busy building a robot that can eat human food. That’s why we’ve extended the deadline for applications for TechCrunch’s Hardware Battlefield for a few more days. Submit your application by November 23 at 9pm...

by admin 5 years ago

What does the "Pro" in iPad Pro really mean?

What does the “Pro” in iPad Pro really mean? And does calling a device a “Pro” computer mean it’s an enterprise device? Perhaps Apple should have called its new larger iPad the iPad Plus. Maybe then people...

by admin 5 years ago

Apple Store Stops Selling The Original iPad Mini

Apple’s original iPad mini, the only non-Retina iPad still on sale, was quietly removed from Apple’s online store last night, as noted by 9to5Mac. Comparing the iPad section of the store between this morning and yesterday reveals...

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Parrot Unveils Bebop Drone 2 With Twice The Battery Life

Parrot on Tuesday unveiled its Bebop Drone 2, a smaller version of its popular consumer model that has a 25-minute battery life — twice that of its predecessor.  The Bebop 2 will hit stores and the skies on December 14 and retail...