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by admin 4 years ago

10 best gaming mice: best gaming mouse to buy

PC gamers have never had it so good. While the eSports scene is ramping up to enjoy unprecedented popularity, powerful graphics cards are becoming more affordable than ever, finally making PC gaming a viable alternative to consoles. Whether...

by admin 4 years ago

Self-healing electric ink refuses to die when cut

Some clever researchers — perhaps too clever — have created a printable, self-healing, conductive material that repeatedly fixes itself after being snipped in half. Perhaps this will lead to cut-resistant hunter-killer robots, but...

by admin 4 years ago

Huawei Nova Plus second opinion: Canada's best $400 phone

The best value in Canadian smartphones today. Canada is a strange market for handsets right now. It hasn’t transitioned to financing, so phones are still purchased through carriers on subsidy, and the weak Canadian dollar has actually...