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by admin 3 years ago

Google makes big changes to its ad products

Google’s AdWords is getting a makeover. The search giant announced today that they have made several updates to make its advertising tools more suitable for mobile. With an emphasis on location-related mobile searches, a category that...

by admin 3 years ago

Microsoft tries its hand at a news bot with Rowe

Like everyone else these days, Microsoft sure loves its bots. Now, the company has rolled out its own news-finding bot called “Rowe,” which lives inside the latest version of Microsoft’s Bing-powered personalized news reading...

by admin 3 years ago

Tim Cook admits ‘prices are high’ for iPhones in India

Apple CEO Tim Cook made an uncharacteristic admission today in an interview with Indian news channel NDTV — that iPhones are too expensive. He immediately qualified it, and the context really is important, but it’s just one of those...

by admin 3 years ago

Ex-Twitter VP Brian “Skip” Schipper lands at Yext

In January, Twitter revealed that several of its key executives were leaving the company. We learned that former product head Kevin Weil landed at Instagram, and now Brian “Skip” Schipper, the former vice president of human resources...