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by admin 2 years ago

What to Wear to Work? Soon, a Tiny Computer

The wearable technology startups that get attention make products a Silicon Valley executive or journalist might use – fitness trackers, virtual-reality gaming headsets, jewelry that delivers text-message alerts. It’s lifestyle...

by admin 2 years ago

Taking Sphero’s BB-8 Force Band for a spin

Sphero’s BB-8 was arguably the compelling bit of merchandizing, which is, naturally, saying a lot. The latest Star Wars film was, as anticipated, a merch juggernaut, but there was no better bit of serendipity than a startup smartphone-controlled...

by admin 2 years ago

Google Earth, Maps Get Sharper Satellite Imagery

Remember when you last used Google’s satellite images? Most of us don’t. After the initial excitement of checking out satellite imagery through Google Earth or Google Maps, most of us switched to plain old maps thanks to our...