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2020 BMW X1 spy shots

BMW engineers have been spotted testing a prototype for an updated X1 due on sale next year as a 2020 model. When it was introduced for 2016, the second-generation X1 brought a much more handsome look than its frumpy predecessor,...

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A Comparison of Camera Sensor Sizes in Photography

I’m photographer Jay P. Morgan, and in this video and article, we are going to be taking a look at four different sensor sizes and see how they compare with one another. First, we have the $6,500 Hasselblad X1D, which is a medium...

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After Math: Paying more for less

$45,000: How do you get your car to run for 50 miles fewer while still paying $10,000 more than was advertised? You buy a Tesla. $365 million: Because when you’re an up-and-coming sports streaming platform trying to compete against...

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iPhone XR Australian pricing

Pricing for the iPhone XR has been revealed alongside pre-orders ahead of launch on October 26 by Australia’s three mobile carriers, as well as by Apple Australia. Buying the iPhone XR outright from Apple will cost Australians...

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Film in the Digital Age: An Interview with 4 Photographers

In 2017, I began playing around with a 35mm film camera I had received from my grandparents. This Pentax Spotmatic was simple to use (although the light meter did not work) and it gave me a wonderful sense of accomplishment when I finished...