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by admin 4 hours ago

No decision yet on Audi RS Q5

Despite rumors to the contrary, Audi Sport’s chief has revealed that a high-performance version of the Q5, the so-called RS Q5, isn’t in the works. In an interview with Car Sales published Monday, Audi Sport Managing Director...

by admin 5 hours ago

Sony vs Samsung TV: choosing the TV brand for you

Samsung and Sony, both being massive TV makers with an international install base, might not seem too different at first glance. But if you’re sussing out which to pick for your next television, you’ll want to go into your...

by admin 9 hours ago

Virgin Media 'seeks investors' for FTTP joint venture

Liberty Global reportedly plans to create its own fibre joint venture in a move that would expand the reach of its Virgin Media cable business and create a competitor to Openreach. According to the FT, Liberty Global is seeking co-founders...