AT&T is finally getting serious with its Unlimited Plan

by admin February 27, 2017 at 12:21 pm

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Welcome to the party

Looks like somebody woke up over at AT&T.

Thanks to Verizon Wireless, and by extension T-Mobile, it looks like cellular plans without data caps are becoming popular again. While Big Red and Magenta continue to sling bad insults at each other on Twitter over which company is “the best,” a lot of folks subscribed to the other carriers were wondering when an actually competitive response to these new plans would arise.

We’ve seen Sprint try and fail to offer something interesting, but now it’s AT&T’s turn up to the plate again. Here’s how its new plans break down.

AT&T’s big flagship unlimited plan is fairly competitive. You pay $90 for a single line of “unlimited” with a 22GB cap before speed throttling and 10GB of tethering before speed throttling. Adding a second line brings the monthly total to $145 monthly, with the option to add more lines for an additional $20 each. If you are a DirecTV or U-Verse subscriber, you are eligible for a $25 monthly bill credit under this deal.

There is also an Unlimited Choice plan, for those a little more budget conscious. This is an “unlimited” plan that restricts all data access to 3Mbps as a top speed, and automatically scales all streaming video down to 480p. This plan runs $60 monthly for a single line, and $155 monthly for four lines. There’s no U-Verse bill credit attached to this plan, but it doesn’t seem to have an upper limit on the 3Mbps speeds.

These plans, which AT&T will roll out on March 2, are a great deal more competitive than the original response to Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile. While it’s a little odd to see this weird form of corporate peer pressure spread across the cellular landscape, it does seem like these plans are genuinely better for users.

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