AT&T is done with the Note 7 as another fire is reported in Virginia

by admin October 9, 2016 at 7:41 pm

AT&T is done and has officially stopped selling the Note 7. The carrier reached out to media outlets with the following:

Based on recent reports, we’re no longer exchanging new Note7s at this time, pending further investigation of these reported incidents. We still encourage customers with a recalled Note7 to visit an AT&T location to exchange that device for another Samsung smartphone or other smartphone of their choice.

They also want to reiterate that anyone who has purchased a Note 7 and would like to exchange it should come to a store and do so, as announced on Friday.

In related news, the Verge writes that a Richmond Virginia man has contacted them with yet another story of the Note 7 and its fiery ways. Shawn Minter says his replacement Note 7 went up in flames and filled his bedroom with smoke early this morning. He provided receipts and images, which corroborate his story.

Don’t buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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