Asics is using microwave technology to create custom midsoles in as little as 15 seconds

by admin October 16, 2017 at 2:37 am

It’s been a fascinating couple of years for high tech sneaker heads, between self-lacing Nikes and Adidas’ experiments with 3D printed midsoles and biodegradable yarn. Asics isn’t generally uttered in the same breath as those sorts of bleeding edge offerings, but the running shoe company has just debuted a pretty compelling new take on the manufacturing process.

The new technique, developed alongside Taiwan’s Tayin Research & Development Co., Ltd., promises customization, while offering up a relatively sustainable solution to shoemaking — two concepts that tend not to go hand-in-hand in the garment industry. According to Asics, the process utilizes heat generated by microwaves to fuse different materials together, in order to create the shoe’s midsole.