Apple Year in Review: The Top App and Games of 2020 and the Most Downloaded App of the Year

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Tech giant Apple annually shares its top lists of free and paid apps and games from the iOS App Store, and almost every year, the year in review list shares some similarities–except for 2020.

Apple year in review best apps of 2020

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Zoom has unsurprisingly got the award for the Most Downloaded Free App of the Year.

The Most Downloaded App of the Year

Apple shared its latest list of top games of 2020, top of 2020, and the most downloaded app of the year on Tuesday, December 1, after a year of mostly staying indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic, distance learning, and remote working.

With that, it’s not a surprise that this year’s Top App of 2020 and the Most Downloaded Free App of the year is ZOOM Cloud Meetings, the video conferencing software that everyone’s been using for online school and meeting remotely with colleagues.

It’s the must-have app for this year, so many have probably guessed it’s going to be on top of the list of Apple’s year in review.

According to Mashable, the tech giant does not actually share the total downloads of each app, however,  here are the following apps that made it into the top ten list of most downloaded apps this year:

  1. Zoom

  2. TikTok

  3. Disney+

  4. YouTube

  5. Instagram

  6. Facebook

  7. Snapchat

  8. Messenger

  9. Gmail

  10. Cash App

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Top Free and Paid Apps and Games

Besides the most downloaded free apps, Apple has also shared the top paid apps.

According to Macrumors, the editing app TouchRetouch garnered the top spot, allowing users to quickly remove the clutter from their background, which is again a common trend this year due to remote meetings.

Following TouchRetouch are Procreate Pocket, Facetune, HotSchedules, and AutoSleep Sleep Tracker.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the top free games of the year, Innersloth’s “Among Us” has garnered the top spot after gaining new-found success and popularity later this year, two years after it was initially released.

Also on the list is “Call of Duty: Mobile,” “Roblox,” “Subway Surfers,” “Ink Inc. Tattoo Drawing,” and “Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game.”

Nintendo’s “Mario Kart Tour” has also made the list, ranking top 15.

Meanwhile, the top paid games of the year include the ever-popular “Minecraft,” which is followed by “Plague Inc.,” which quickly garnered more popularity early this year following the COVID-19 pandemic that swept the world, although these games have long held the top spots for the past few years.

Other games on the list are “Monopoly,” “Bloons TD 6,” “Geometry Dash,” and unsurprisingly, “NBA 2K20.”

Thanking the Developers

“This year, more than ever before, some of our most creative and connected moments happened in apps. This was thanks to the amazing work of developers who introduced fresh, helpful app experiences throughout the year,” Phil Schiller, Apple Fellow, said, as noted by AppleInsider.

Furthermore, Schiller noted the remarkable efforts of developers worldwide to provide Apple users with their services, from keeping us fit to helping our kids’ education stay on track.

“These Best of 2020 winners are 15 outstanding examples of that innovation,” he said.

Tons of other breakout apps and games have been awarded this year by the company, including apps that were popular on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Developers of the winning apps have been awarded a commemorative trophy made from 100% recycled aluminum that resembles the blue App Store icon.

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