Apple Wants To Convince Android Users To Switch To iPhones In New Ads

by admin March 1, 2018 at 4:43 pm

Apple’s new home assistant Apple HomePod

A new set of ads posted by Apple wants to convince consumers to make the switch to iOS. The videos highlight the advantages of the iPhone and its ease of use among other things. 
( Apple | YouTube )

As expected, Samsung officially announced and revealed the Galaxy S9 and S9+ during the MWC 2018. Shortly after, Apple’s newly posted ads target Android users.

The Cupertino-based firm reportedly did not have anything new to show at the event as it already launched the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X last year. However, during the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry. Apple’s staunch rival took the spotlight with its new flagship models.

As for LG, previous reports suggest that its premium lineup will be absent during the show. Instead, it will showcase some models from its entry-level to a midrange catalog.

Taken By Surprise

When the said ads came out, Apple’s approach reportedly surprised industry analysts. Some claim that the move is uncharacteristic of the company.

Apparently, this is the second time promotional materials for the iPhone hinted at a comparison with the competitor’s products. Furthermore, the timing seems suspicious as its biggest rival revealed its flagship phones.