Apple Releases Beta Testing for iOS 14.2 with a New Music Recognition Function

by admin September 22, 2020 at 9:12 am

With less than a week after the official release of iOS 14 offering major changes to iPhones and iPads, Apple has published iOS 14.2 Public Beta on Tuesday, September 22, with incremental system updates and a new Music Recognition feature.

To update from iOS 14 to iOS 14.2 public beta 1, users just need to access Software Update in the Settings app and install the available update. It may take a few hours to hit the device, so users may keep checking on it. Aside from iPhones, Apple also rolled out iOS 14.2 developer beta 1 for the new 8th generation iPad.

iOS 14

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iOS 14

However, it is quite surprising that Apple skipped as for iOS 14.1, although rumors say it is being tested behind the scenes.

The iOS 14.2 Beta can be used by anyone with an Apple ID and compatible iPhone or iPad device, which will have a new Music Recognition function in the Control Center. This would integrate music recognition abilities of Apple’s new acquisition Shazam, which identifies the music playing on the phone and in apps.

To add the new Shazam music recognition toggle to Control Center, update the developer beta of iOS 14.2, then open the Settings app. Select “Control Center” and scroll down for Shazam under “More Controls.” Add the Shazam toggle and arrange it depending on user’s preference.

The Beta also features an updated “Now Playing” widget that will show recently played music that users might want to play when no music is playing. It also carries a new AirPlay interface that makes it easier to connect to multiple AirPlay 2 devices as well as a new “People detection” feature that estimates the distance between two individuals using the camera in the Magnifier app. This also brings an updated icon for the Apple Watch app under the new Apple Watch Solo Loop.

Apple to release iOS 14.2 before iPhone 12 launch

According to reports, Apple may be preparing the iOS 14.1 update to go along the release of iPhone 12 in October as the software will become available by October 9.

Apple to release 1OS 14.2 before iPhone 12 launch

(Photo : Apple)
Apple to release 1OS 14.2 before iPhone 12 launch

Hopefully, this would fix the default browser and email settings issue in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. Numerous users were dismayed after they set the default browser to Google’s Chrome or Gmail for email that the default browser and email will revert to Safari and Mail after rebooting the device. As Apple promised CNET that a “fix will be available to users in a software update.”

Meanwhile, it is early for the update, but it is better to prepare for installing the new update as iOS 14.2 will surely require a chunk of space on iPhone’s internal storage like other upgrades.

Users can do some cleanup to free up significant space by deleting files, photos, or apps that they no longer needed. While this will make room for the new software update, it will also enhance the phone’s performance.

As always, an iOS update is exciting, particularly those that fix issues, so many iPhone users will surely be waiting for iOS 14.2 release in October.

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