Apple Fellow Rich Page on ‘stealing jobs’ and Chowbotics’ salad-making robots

by admin April 4, 2017 at 1:15 am

When we first wrote about Chowbotics, their salad-making robot, which was then just a prototype, stirred a bit of controversy. The company promises to bring nutritious dining options to offices that don’t have a big cafeteria and budget to employ full-time chefs. But, like other food automation technologies, their robot, Sally, threatens to put a number of people out of work if it replaces prep cooks in restaurants.

This week, we interviewed Chowbotics Executive Chairman Rich Page, who worked alongside Steve Jobs pioneering personal computer design at Apple Inc. and as a co-founder of NeXT Computer. He and Chowbotics CEO Deepak Sekar gave TechCrunch a first look at the finished robot. Sally will soon be installed and start dishing out the greens in venues from co-working spaces to hospitals.