Apple AirPods: Customers Still Have To Wait 6 Weeks If They Order A New One

by admin April 11, 2017 at 5:59 am

Apple’s innovative AirPods have been in high demand since its release in December 2016. Since the time of the wireless earphone’s release, Apple made it clear that the AirPods would be made available in limited quantities as the production was constrained.

Soon after its release, the AirPods were sold out as they became hugely popular among users. Apple could not meet the demand and more shipments were said to reach stores soon.

Apple is struggling to meet consumer demands for its AirPods even after two months of its release. The company’s website shows that customers who order the accessory would need to wait for six weeks for it to ship out. 
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However, it seems that even after two months of its release, Apple has not been able to meet the high consumer demand for the AirPods.

The company’s website states that if one pair is ordered then it would take around six weeks to ship that pair to the customer. This seems is a very long time to wait for the accessory.

Why Such High Demand?

The AirPods have garnered a lot of popularity among users because it boasts some state of the art technology which has not been seen in prior earphones.

The AirPods have sensors fitted in them which can detect when the wireless headphones are inserted into the user’s ears and start and stop playing music depending on it. A simple double tap on the earphones summons Siri, which can then be used to make and receive calls, control music and even get directions all while using the AirPods.

The AirPods house a wireless W1 chip which allows the earphones to be connected wirelessly with the help of Bluetooth.

The battery life of the AirPods is also impressive. When on full charge, the earphones can play music for more than five hours. The case for the AirPods itself serves as the charging station for the earphones, which allows for quick recharging even if the charge runs out.

Such is the popularity of the AirPods that it is reported to have a 26 percent share in the headphone market despite availability shortfalls.

Order The AirPods

Right now if you order a pair of AirPods for $159, you would have to wait for six weeks or more before you actually get it in your hands.

Many users would feel that this is a long window. Consumers would be hoping that Apple finds ways to reduce shipping times and maximize its production rate so that the consumers can acquire them sooner.

Those who do not mind waiting for six weeks for the AirPods to ship out can order the earphones. 

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