Amazon's Echo Spot is now on sale and already sold out

by admin December 20, 2017 at 12:31 am

The Echo Spot is here, but you can’t have one just yet.

During Amazon’s fall hardware event this year, one of the more eye-catching announcements was the Echo Spot – Amazon’s futuristic alarm clock with a circular display and the full power of Alexa. The Echo Spot officially went on sale today, December 19, but it’s already out of stock.

Amazon actually sold out of the Echo Spot back around Thanksgiving, and while you can still technically order one right now, it won’t arrive in time for Christmas. Stock for the black Echo Spot is expected to be replenished on December 28, but there won’t be any additional white ones until January 5, 2018.

Both colors of the Echo Spot cost $129, and at least in my opinion, this is the best-looking Echo to date. I’m currently using the Google Home Mini on my nightstand to play music and get my butt out of bed in the morning, and while it works great, having a display for showing the time and other information just sounds awesome.

If you’re okay with waiting a week or two after placing your order to get your hands on the Echo Spot, click/tap the button below to purchase one now.

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