A Star-Stack Timelapse of a Lightning Storm in Hawaii

by admin September 4, 2018 at 8:55 am

Star stacking is a popular technique astro-photographers use to create photos and time-lapses of star trails. But what do you get when a lightning storm is also in the frame? Maui-based photographer Joe Domrad created a mesmerizing time-lapse that will show you.

Here’s the 16-second video:

Domrad was shooting with an exposure time of around 12 seconds and captured about 500 photos for this time-lapse.

The dotted lines you see streaking across the frame are the blinking lights on airplanes. And at a certain point in the video it looks like bioluminescent plankton is causing a blue glow in the water, but Domrad says those glows were simply the result of “boring old car headlights” shining into the scene.

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