9 upcoming games that Oculus hopes will justify your Rift purchase

by admin March 1, 2017 at 12:33 pm

While the world speculates about whether virtual reality is worth its investment, Oculus is doing everything in its power to make its product, the Oculus Rift, a worthwhile purchase. 

It took on initial complaints people made about the system head-first with the ability to add additional sensors to your setup – enabling room-scale sized play spaces – and remedied the lack of hand-tracking with the Touch controllers it released in December of last year. 

Sure, these were great solutions to problems the HTC Vive figured out on launch day, but they were nonetheless appreciated when they came to the Oculus Rift several months later.

But for many, these improvements just weren’t enough. Now that the hardware has finally made the grade, there’s growing concerns about a lack of content – making some people question if there are enough games coming out to keep gamers tied to their $600 (£499, AU$859) investment. 

Whether or not you put much stock in the lack of content argument some have made about the Rift, Vive and its console cousin, the PlayStation VR, however, is totally up to you. That being said, it didn’t hurt that Oculus held a small press event in San Francisco the first day of the 2017 Game Developers Conference to showcase nine games it thinks will have the potential to keep your thumbs busy and head immersed in VR for a long time to come. 

Some of the games had us more convinced than others about the headset’s future (cough, Robo Recall) but each of them had enough charm and uniqueness to warrant a closer look.

So, are you looking for a reason to justify the purchase of your pricey new Rift and additional Touch controllers? Here’s nine of them for you.

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