5 reasons you should switch away from Verizon

by admin August 28, 2017 at 4:10 pm

Verizon is a great carrier, but there are some problems.

Having phone service that’s cheap and good is important to us.

Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since you were forced to have an expensive Sprint plan to get good digital nationwide phone service. In fact, the choices now are almost mind-boggling in both sheer number and all the different options each company has to offer. That means it’s a buyer’s market and now is a great time to think about the service you have versus the service you want.

For many, the “service we have” means Verizon. The reasons why aren’t a mystery: it has a great nationwide network and it wasn’t so long ago that you needed to use Verizon if you wanted cell phone service once you left home. Verizon is everywhere! Like we always say, paying for service that doesn’t work really sucks. The times have changed and switching away from Big Red is something worth considering, and we’re here to help with a few reasons why you might want to try another company.


Verizon is still the undisputed king of coverage in the U.S. But what matters is the coverage you’ll get in the places you go.

As we mentioned above, there was a time that Verizon was the only choice for people who didn’t live in places like New York or Los Angeles. That was then, this is now: almost every person in the U.S. can have service as good or better with another company, including T-Mobile or Sprint, which have traditionally been criticized for poor rural coverage.

Verizon’s service hasn’t gotten worse. In fact, it gets better every year, too. But now over 90% of the people in the U.S. have coverage with T-Mobile, for example. If you live in a rural area Verizon is unbeatable for the most part. But if you live in even a small city, you should check out what others have to offer — it’s pretty great!

Verizon’s unlimited plans: Everything you need to know!


When the coverage is equal, the next thing to consider is the price. And Verizon can be expensive compared to other providers.

We’re firm believers in paying extra for something that’s better. Verizon might be better for you, and if so it’s totally worth it. But if you are covered by another company who has just what you need at a lower price, there is no reason not to switch. Check your coverage, ask your friends, check the maps, etc. And when you check the prices you’ll like what you see.


Video throttling

This is a new development and one that has a lot of people up in arms. As of August 2017, you can no longer stream Full HD video on the Verizon network, no matter how much you are willing to pay to do it. Verizon has changed its unlimited plans and the basic version tops out at 480p on your phone, while the more expensive option is capped at 720p.

Verizon has a good reason for the change — streaming video puts a lot of strain on any mobile network. And when you start talking HD video, the amount of data it uses can get pretty crazy. Now imagine a bunch of people in the same place doing it at the same time. Yikes.

But none of this changes the fact that other companies allow it, and charge you less overall each month. If this matters to you, the answer is simple: try another company.

Phone choice

This isn’t as big of a deal as it used to be. You’ll always be able to use the latest Samsung Galaxy or iPhone on Verizon and it will work great. But if you’re more of a mobile enthusiast, you will eventually find a phone you really want that isn’t built for Verizon.

Recently, we’ve seen two great phones that aren’t fully Verizon compatible: the HTC U11 and the OnePlus 5. And there are others, and there will be even more others. If you have an unlocked phone that is Verizon compatible, the company doesn’t mind you using it at all. Drop your SIM card in it and go! But if you find yourself eyeing unlocked phones and love to try new things, you will eventually come across one that just won’t work on Verizon.

Better prepaid plans

If you don’t want or need to pay for an unlimited data plan, grabbing a prepaid SIM card and using the phone you already have is a great idea. You can shop around and find a plan that offers just what you need without paying for any extras you don’t.

Verizon offers contract-free plans on top of its true prepaid service, but you’re still limited to what it offers. You’ll always be able to find a better prepaid deal where none of the extras or the cost of them is bundled in. There are dozens of great prepaid MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Providers) companies and at least one of them will have exactly what you’re looking for.

Verizon offers great phone service, there is no doubt. But if you’re ready for a change and were looking for a few reasons why that change might be good, here are a few.

Alternative carriers (MVNOS)

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