11 hilarious Star Wars spoofs you should watch right now

by admin December 17, 2016 at 1:16 pm

If there was a prize for completeness of a parody, then without doubt the award would go to the Blue Harvest episode of Family Guy. Blue Harvest itself is a Star Wars reference – it was the ‘cover’ name used for Return of the Jedi when it was in production.

In the episode the electricity goes out, so Peter retells his family the story of A New Hope, with the show’s characters playing the leading roles – Chris is Luke, Peter is Han, Brian is Chewbacca – and Stewie is Vader, of course.

Seth MacFarlane had to get George Lucas’s permission first – apparently the only condition was that the characters looked “exactly like they do in the movies”, which obviously they don’t.

Blue Harvest even spawned two sequel parodies, one based on The Empire Strikes Back (Something, Something, Something, Dark Side) and another on Return of the Jedi (It’s a Trap!).

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