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by admin September 23, 2016 at 1:05 am

In a shocking move that came unexpected to the industry, (now-former) Apple CEO Tim Cook has agreed to join Adobe this morning at Photokina.

Apple hasn’t officially published the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus sample photos that were shown off during the phones’ recent unveiling, but the photos are found on the display phones in Apple Stores. One man recently visited an Apple Store and collected all 195 official photos to share with the world.

Fujifilm caused a great deal of excitement this week by announcing its first medium format mirrorless camera, the 51MP GFX 50S. But “medium format” is a a relative term rather than a specific sensor size, so how does the new 50S’s sensor stack up against other digital cameras on the market?

It has finally happened: an SD card has now broken the 1 terabyte threshold. SanDisk and its parent company Western Digital today unveiled a new 1 terabyte SDXC card, ushering in a new era of tiny memory cards with massive storage capacities.

Lily is a new robotic camera drone that aims to shake up not only the drone industry, but the camera industry as a whole. It’s the world’s first “throw-and-shoot camera” that lets anyone capture cinematic aerial photos and videos without needing to do any piloting.

Well-known TV personality Mike Rowe took to Facebook yesterday to share a crazy story of how a camera drone violated his privacy… by capturing him standing naked in his own bedroom.

Here’s an amazing short film titled “The Old New World” by photographer and animator Alexey Zakharov of Moscow, Russia. Zakharov found old photos of US cities from the early 1900s and brought them to life.

This is one of the luckiest, craziest stolen gear recovery stories we’ve ever heard. Five months after a man had $34K in gear—including a pre-production Canon 1D X Mark II—stolen out of his car, he actually got it back after the thief sold one of the stolen lenses to a police officer.

If you’re a member of the photo sharing service Flickr, you might want to change your password as soon as possible. Yahoo, which owns Flickr, has reportedly suffered a major hack.

Fujifilm made a bombshell announcement in the camera world today by officially revealing the development of its new medium format mirrorless camera. The GFX 50S, the first camera in the new GFX line, is a 51.4 megapixel medium format mirrorless camera.

For their 32nd annual Big Shot nighttime community photo project this year, the folks over at RIT decided to light the iconic 19-story Kodak Tower skyscraper at night… by hand… with the help of 2,800 volunteers holding flashes and flashlights.

One of the biggest companies in the world just got into the photo print business. Seattle-based ecommerce giant Amazon just launched Amazon Prints—an online service that lets users order photo prints, build photo books, and soon much more.

Apple released iOS 10.1 to public beta testers today, and it includes one of the most anticipated features they showed off during their iPhone 7 keynote: the “Portrait” mode that fakes a depth of field effect.

Adobe today announced its latest version of Lightroom. Among the various features and fixes is the addition of Smart Previews, which will give your software an instant speed boost when you’re working with large, high-resolution photos.

Erik Johansson creates some of the most stunning surreal images in the world, and Volvo recently decided to follow him around and document his process as he shot his latest personal project. The final video is equal parts inspirational and just plain beautifully shot.

A trip last weekend to the iconic Death Valley Racetrack Playa has left me with a burning need to write, and unfortunately it is because of the worst kind of people.

Sigma today unveiled three new lenses that will have many a photographer fumbling with their wallets and checking their bank balance. We’re talking about the 85mm f/1.4 Art, 12-24mm f/4 Art, and 500mm f/4 Sports lenses.

The first KeyMission action camera was announced way back at CES, but Nikon hasn’t been sitting around since then. They’ve developed two more cameras, and yesterday they debuted all three to the world with full details, release dates, and prices.

Karen X Cheng—the viral video maven behind this fun gravity illusion and the donut selfie—put her hard-earned dance skills to use in a new video shot with an iPhone 7 attached to a stabilizing gimbal. The trippy results are quite captivating.

A guy who goes by the name “The Hyperunner” spent a year running with a GoPro strapped to his head. At the end of it all, he turned all the photos he shot into this mesmerizing hyperlapse journey through seasons.

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